WhoWhatWhen kstingelgour: needs to be available for all Linux flavours ... I've looked at your suggestion, it's not available for Ubuntu
.. if it was, I would add it to my dev box and test :) [00:00] gourkstingel: what? fossil? [00:02] kstingelI canj't recall exactly which software it was ... you mentioned it a few days back, as a possible solution for something ...
I went looking for an Ubuntu installer, and there wasn't one available ... and I'm not familiar enuf with Ubuntu to build my own [00:03] gourkstingel: dvcs, instead of svn or something else? [00:04] kstingelit was a svn replacement, so it may have been DVCS [00:04] gourkstingel: see http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=fossil&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all
it's packaged even for windows ;)
ask changi...he used on ubuntu to do svn --> git --> fossil test the other day
*used it
moreover, it's avaialble for debian, which means that it follows for ubuntu as well :-) [00:04] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [00:09] kstingelgour: that's weird ... it shows up for quantal ... but it wasn't there in precise ... I guess they haven't backported to the LTS version
will add it to box once current activities complete [00:15] gourkstingel: that would be strange...ubuntu is, along with debian, fedora...definitely on the top of linux-supported distros
kstingel: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise&searchon=names&keywords=fossil
it was available even in lucid - http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=lucid&searchon=names&keywords=fossil [00:16] kstingelI couldn't find it .... but then again, Precise commited suicide shortly after that
... everything crashed [00:20] gourkstingel: but be careful..after trying fossil, you svn taste might become a bit bitter ;)
*your [00:20] kstingelI'm not really that attached to SVN now :) [00:21] gourthat's good...fossil is really simple & powerful
my hosting support stuff is patching tiki instead of fixing nginx :-( [00:21] luciashaye :( [00:37] gourthat's called 'fixing' :-/
here is the patch:
+ header('Location: http://atmarama.sites.djangohosting.ch/tiki-index.php');
- header('Location: '.$base_url.$prefs['tikiIndex']);
just asked them what's wrong with redirection in tiki? [00:41] luciashomg [00:43] gourof course, it does not fix anything...it fails with login/logout...
it seems i'm heading towards my own (cheap) VPS...but i'm reluctant to manage whole server, especially mail [00:43] luciashmy hoster provides VPS with CentOS + ISPConfig preinstalled which makes the server management a bit "easier" [00:46] gouryeah, i've found one offering with ISPConfig for 50€ add-on, but i'd like to experiment for a month 1st :-)
do you recommend openvz or kvm/xen? [00:49] luciashno idea what is the diff btwn them [00:50] gourkvm/xen are more isolated, openvz is usually cheaper [00:50] luciashi think this one is kvm/xen type
50 EUR add on seems not too cheap [00:51] gourright [00:51] RobertPlummerjoined #tikiwiki [00:51] refizulgour: if you need only a few services (mail, web), OpenVZ is ok [00:51] goursome offerings also give (for free) http://www.zpanelcp.com/page/features
refizul: i did admin mail with qmal...long ago, but never touched postfix [00:52] refizulgour: if you need a complete virtual machine for whatsoever: KVM [00:52] gourrefizul: no, just to host few (tiki) sites along with mail [00:53] refizulXen is a bit special, but more like KVM than OpenVZ [00:53] gourand would put debian on VPS, as on my localhost [00:53] refizulgour: I had an exim3 and now postfix is really much easier [00:54] gourrefizul: is 1G ok for several tiki sites? [00:54] refizulRAM? [00:54] gouryes [00:54] refizulOMG - what kind of zoo do you have? [00:54] gour? [00:55] refizul10, 20, 30 sites?
1G is a lot [00:55] luciashgour: i would rather go with 2G minimum when combined with other services [00:55] gourdon't forget, i was evaluating typo3 before coming to tiki :-D
luciash: heh, depends on the budget [00:55] luciashbut u can have 30 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, 1 proc for 10 EUR monthly here [00:56] gourwell, mysql+postfix+dovecot+web...that's all
luciash: i've found similar offering for 7€
lowendbox site
atm i pay 8.64/month for 10GB disk space and can use 500MB of RAM, 50 processes and 10 local ports...but so many problems
however, no headache to manage the server...just my own stuff, email adresses + web sites [00:57] refizulthat's not good
50 processes - never seen that before [00:59] luciashhere is no limit
excet the disk space and RAM/CPU [01:00] gourtime is limit :-) [01:00] refizulwhat is a local port? [01:00] luciash*except [01:00] refizulis this shared IP? [01:00] gourport over >1000 which i can use for eg. my own webserver, php-fpm etc. whic hare served ny reverse-proxy at the front-end
yes, shared IP...dedicated IP costs extra [01:01] refizulgour: this is a PITA solution [01:02] gourheh
it's semi-shared, like webfaction [01:02] refizulhow much traffic do you have? [01:02] gourssh access and i can build my own stuff [01:02] luciashgour: close to your setup 15 GB HDD, 512 MB RAM, 1 proc. is here for 4.5 EUR [01:03] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [01:03] luciashdedicated IP [01:03] gourrefizul: never had issue with the traffic...not sure...let me check [01:04] refizulorder of magnitude 1G/month, 10G/m or 100G/m? [01:04] gourno info for the bandwidth
so, you're managing your own VPS, guys?
the sites are anyway, atm, low-traffic, so no problem with that [01:05] luciashyup [01:07] gouri just wonder how much work it involves...i already manage my debian box, but it's not server exposed to to the wild world [01:07] refizulserver is less work than desktop [01:08] gourwhich os you use? [01:08] refizulbut mistakes are more dangerous :-) [01:08] gourwhat about DNS? is it usually managed by hosting provider? [01:09] refizulyes [01:09] luciashit is ok, lamp + ufw does the job - bigger problem is to manage mail server for me ;) [01:09] refizulusually you'll get two DNS servers from the provider [01:09] luciashyep [01:10] gouryeah, mail= spam + viruses [01:10] refizulbut you can replace them with any DNS you like [01:10] gouri never did DNS admin work except entering my dns entries :-) [01:10] refizulspam and viruses are enduser problems *eg* [01:10] luciashubuntu and centos here so far... used to be gentoo but that is long time ago [01:11] gouryou don't filter mail, spf etc.? [01:11] luciashthunderbird does the job ;) [01:11] gourgour uses claws [01:12] refizulgour: filtering has got legal issues [01:12] gourrefizul: for my own stuff? [01:12] refizuleh - ok, this is something different [01:12] gour:-) [01:12] refizulI run mailservers for other people [01:12] gouri'm not into reseller business
is qmail still alive? [01:13] refizulI hope not [01:13] luciashlol [01:13] gourit was better than sendmail in its era
at least config-wise [01:13] refizulehm - everything was better than sendmail [01:14] luciashgtg, bbl guys [01:14] refizulthere should be a statistic about sendmail usage and admin suicide
gn8 luciash [01:14] gourbye luciash [01:15] refizullow level mail system would be: Debian, postfix + dovecot + postgrey
optional AV scanner [01:16] gouri used to run dovecot on my localhost when using getmail to fetch/sort/filter mail for Gnus...but then decided to return back to claws [01:18] refizuldovecot / claws? dovecot is POP3/IMAP Server, claws a mailclient, isn't it?
do you mean icedove? [01:19] gourno, dovecot...claws was accessing mail served by dovecot in maildir format and was fed by getmail
i was no so trusty about my provider and wanted to keep mail on my own machine (imap server) [01:20] refizulah - ok [01:22] gouri'm going to sleep as well...it's way too late, but such a day today :-(
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do you agree that having canonical url for web site does matter for SEO? [10:20] ........... (idle for 54mn)Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki
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left #tikiwiki [13:20] ........ (idle for 39mn)ricks99joined #tikiwiki [14:00] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [14:05] .... (idle for 18mn)arildb_joined #tikiwiki [14:23] ..... (idle for 20mn)arildbI made some fixes in trunk, which makes the backlinks work properly fro wiki pages in html syntax. This also includes making them work with SEFURL. An important fix for WYSIWYG users. However, I have done minimal testing with wiki syntax installations. This should be done before a backport.
Has anybody checked backlinks the last days?
Note: to rebuild the backlinks set, disable+save+enable+save, in the admin | wiki panel. [14:43] ricks99ricks99 will be glad to see the wysiwyg wiki-link backlink fixed [14:45] arildbFor existing wysiwyg installations the rebuild procedure must be done to see existing backling [14:45] ricks99arildb: there's also an issue in tiki9 with wysiwyg when creating a wiki link while adding a different text label (the text label is dropped). have you seen that/fixed that in trunk? [14:46] arildbricks99: I don't know this problem [14:46] ricks99k. i haven't tested/confirmed in trunk yet
ricks99 still knee-deep in tiki9 [14:47] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03arildb r44203 10branches/10.x/lib/init/initlib.php
tikiwiki [bp/r44202][FIX] missing $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on IIS 6
tikiwiki 03arildb r44204 10branches/9.x/lib/init/initlib.php
tikiwiki [bp/r44202][FIX] missing $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on IIS 6 [14:54] ...... (idle for 29mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki
polom polom [15:23] arildbhi jonnyb [15:24] jonnybhi arildb [15:24] ricks99hi jonnyb [15:24] jonnybhi ricks99 and all [15:25] arildbjonnyb: I made some comments about the backlink fixes for html syntax pages above. I am not sure if you can see it, but it's about backporting of this and testing on installations with wiki syntax [15:26] jonnybarildb: checking...
i saw the commits but haven't done anything on trunk for a while
i'd say let's back port it after 10.0 release and then testing will happen
we have enough blockers for now :) [15:27] arildbjonnyb: sounds ok
jonnyb: any release date set for 10.0 yet? [15:29] jonnyba while ago, so as soon as possible i guess [15:30] ......... (idle for 44mn)Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44205 10branches/10.x/lib/smarty_tiki/ 10block.wikiplugin.php 10function.rss.php
tikiwiki [FIX] parser: Reset parserlib options after using context_format (also remove unused globals & include)
tikiwiki Should fix pages such as tiki.org/Stats (where rss and wikiplugin smarty in modules included in a page via a plugin broke almost all other plugins following it) Thanks marclaporte [16:14] ..... (idle for 24mn)tikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44206 10branches/10.x/lib/parser/parserlib.php
tikiwiki [FIX] parser: Saving options before plugin execution is required after all as some (trackerlist for instance) resets them and so were breaking in wysiwyg edit - r41705 repair continues... (thanks Geoff)
tikiwiki 03ohertel r44207 10branches/10.x/installer/installlib.php
tikiwiki [fix] avoid error message when table check fails [16:38] Jyhem_laptoppom polom [16:41] redflojoined #tikiwiki [16:44] .... (idle for 16mn)kstingel1polom
is currently hopping between (Windon't and Ubuntu) machines, so pls excuse delays in replys :) [17:00] gourkstingel1: don't hop, but just jump (to ubuntu) ;) [17:04] kstingel1using Windon't as lookup/reference screen whilst adding toys to toybox :) ... Windon't is wired, so lookups are faster
am currently decorating Dev space so it optimises my workflow for Tiki :) [17:05] gouri'd like to start moving my site(s) to tiki...small WP blog produces clean sefurls, but considering i'd use non-apache server, i wonder whether i should be patient and first (try to) write set of rewrite rules for the specific server (converting from apache's htaccess) and then write 301 redirects to migrate from old urls to the new ones or just write 301 redirects, go online and then work on general
rewrite rules for non-apache server? [17:10] jonnybgour: which rule/s in particular are a problem for non-apache? [17:20] gourjonnyb: no idea...i'm not at all familiar with htaccess, but the point is that all of them has to be written...i'll go htaccess --> nginx --> hiawatha/cherokee using online converters [17:25] jonnyband what happens? [17:26] gourhaven't started yet...just considering proper strategy...however, considering i like what i see in hiawatha, i've to do it ;)
jonnyb: now i see you name in _htaccess ;)
*your [17:27] jonnyblooks like http://www.anilcetin.com/convert-apache-htaccess-to-nginx/ doesn't work properly for us - most things get rewritten to / :( [17:30] gourjonnyb: "#Redirect bogus directories" section is commented. is should stay so?
jonnyb: i find the output of http://winginx.com/htaccess more pleasing [17:31] jonnybyes, that bogus thing is weird - just a suggestion for how to customise for a specific server issue i tihnk [17:32] gourok [17:33] jonnybyes, http://winginx.com/htaccess looks much better and seems to produce proper rules - might even work ;) [17:35] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jyhem r44208 10trunk/templates/tiki-admin_forums.tpl
tikiwiki [FIX] Prevent browser autocompletion so sensitive info is not stored by mistake
tikiwiki 03jyhem r44209 10branches/9.x/templates/tiki-admin_forums.tpl
tikiwiki [FIX][bp/44208] Prevent browser autocompletion so sensitive info is not stored by mistake [17:36] jonnybgour: as LP said on the list we should really rethink how we handle this - should be derived from the database tiki_sefurl_regex_out table imho [17:39] gourglad to hear it ;) [17:39] Jyhem_laptopand it should be a bijection. Meaning a non-ambiguous conversion from urls to sefurls *and back* !
Right now, if I call a wiki page calendar1, I'm stuck
The sefurl should be something like: page_calendar1 [17:42] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jyhem r44210 10branches/10.x/templates/tiki-admin_forums.tpl
tikiwiki [FIX][bp/44208] Prevent browser autocompletion so sensitive info is not stored by mistake [17:46] marclaportejoined #tikiwiki [17:47] luciashpolom [17:49] gourjonnyb: having more support for non-apache would be great [17:49] jonnybmoloq luciash
gour: +1 [17:50] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44211 10branches/10.x/lib/categories/categlib.php
tikiwiki [FIX] multilingual: Only do getTranslations on supported types - was breaking blogs when using category_i18n_sync (thanks fabricius, found it at last! :) [17:52] jonnybbut also having "nice" sefurls (like example.com/calendar/42/month/12 for instance) [17:52] luciashjonnyb: that is not that "nice" example ;) [17:52] gourluciash: bolow! is it ok? [17:53] luciashgour: awesome :) [17:53] gour:-) [17:53] jonnybluciash: what would you perfer?
would be nice to be able to edit them inside tiki so everyone can be different [17:53] luciashnicer would be example.com/calendar/jonny-stuff/month/december
:) [17:54] Jyhem_laptopbut then when Jonny renames his calendar, all urls are changed :-( [17:55] luciashthat is what 301 redirects are for
ideally that should be handled by tiki to auto-redirect after renaming
with wiki pages too [17:56] marclaporteI like how our blog and article SEFurls are [17:57] luciashcould sneak in numer 42 there, ok ;)
calendar/42-jonny-stuff, ok ? ;)
i like it too, but it is not ideal yet for i18n blog/article titles
they should convert to ascii somehow but they delete non-ascii chars instead which looks kinda ugly then [17:57] marclaporte<link rel="canonical" href="http://nextinfo.tiki.org/article192-Tiki-Passes-1-Million-Downloads" /> [17:59] luciashwould need convert patterns for each language i guess
like "ěščřžýáíé..." => "escrzyaie..."; [17:59] gourmarclaporte: what do you think about suggestion to change the above url to http://nextinfo.tiki.org/a192-Tiki-Passes-1-Million-Downloads and similarly ../blogxyz/ to ../bxyz ? [18:01] luciasharticle is better for SEO than "a" imho [18:03] gourgood point [18:03] luciashor maybe irrelevant nowadays ? dunno, hmm
blog or article - who cares ? :) the topic / title is most important
some say shorter urls are better for seo too [18:03] marclaportegour: I think we should start by agreeing on the objectives / concerns
1- server support
2- readability [18:05] gourluciash: well, atm i'm accustomed to just http://nextinfo.tiki.org/Tiki-Passes-1-Million-Downloads without those article/blog prefixes and since i've (want) to move my sites to tiki, wonder what kind of 301 redirects to create? [18:05] marclaporte3- for canonicals to work [18:06] kstingel1marclaporte: 25- API Documentation [18:06] marclaporte4- Make sure it's possible to rename a blog title / article title, forum thread, etc. [18:06] gour1) i'll (try to) add for some non-apache
not sure about 2), for 3) i do non-www to www 301 [18:06] arildb_joined #tikiwiki [18:07] gour4) is future, i want to migrate to tiki first ;) [18:07] kstingeljoined #tikiwiki [18:07] marclaporte5- Be able to deal with a URL being chopped off accidentally (in an email message line breakage) or intentionally to shorten URL [18:08] gouri should also creat that wiki page concerning url-rewriting bug
gour notices that ink connected to 'e' key is getting low :-) [18:09] marclaporte5- http://dev.tiki.org/blog3-In-the-trenches and http://dev.tiki.org/blogpost22-The-module-ificaton-of-Tiki-themes-easy-module-export-via-profiles-in-Tiki-9-1 are good because http://dev.tiki.org/blogpost22-blabla is still good and search engines can update their index tahnks to <link rel="canonical" href="http://dev.tiki.org/blogpost22-The-module-ificaton-of-Tiki-themes-easy-module-export-via-profiles-in-Tiki-9-1" /> [18:10] gourmarclaporte: i believe tiki devs are recognizing there are more servers than apache/iis [18:11] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44212 10branches/10.x/lib/smarty_tiki/block.tabset.php
tikiwiki [FIX] tabs: Fix "no tabs" mode on editpage (thanks luciash) [18:12] gourmarclaporte: i'm not so familiar with canonical tag, but wonder how is support for it in general?
so, you recommend me to me leave blog/article prefixes in the URL as they are now by default?
iow, no harm by them? [18:12] Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [18:15] luciashjonnyb: thank you! [18:16] jonnybnp, luciash - has probably been broken for a while, no? [18:16] luciashyeah, long time
but i noticed just recently [18:18] marclaporte6- When a URL is broken (a site moves from another tech to Tiki), all info should be thrown to the search engine to try to find new URL for the old page [18:21] Jyhem_laptop6- non-ambiguous correspondance back and forth
ok: 7- non-ambiguous correspondance back and forth [18:22] gourmarclaporte: under 6) you mean when 301 redirects are broken or non-existant? [18:22] arildb__joined #tikiwiki [18:23] kstingel|awaymarclaporte: heh he .... what is an "index tahank"? [18:24] Jyhem_laptopI think if the article is "http://nextinfo.tiki.org/article192-Tiki-Passes-1-Million-Downloads" then "http://nextinfo.tiki.org/article192-blabla" should just get to the same article (meaning, the text is for search engines, the "/article192-" is enough for Tiki [18:24] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [18:27] jonnybhi fabricius
think i fixed you blog bug :) [18:29] luciashjonnyb: your fix for no tabs button confirmed and regression page updated [18:29] jonnybjust had a (possibly good) thought about sefurl - all the rewriting could be done in index.php and use the database, so everyone could customise their sefurls to suit the site
thanks luciash [18:30] kstingel|awayjust dropping off-topic briefly ... when multi-printing, I can add Wiki pages to result np :) - is there a way to also add Articles/Blog pages to result? [18:37] luciashi think ideal would be if there was a feature to convert page names in URLs to lowercase ascii alpha-numerals with spaces replaced by dashes and that we need "Page Title" field badly (for Google search results/browser title) - "Description" is just a workaround
for SEFURLs [18:37] jonnybluciash: agreed
but it is an effective workaround :) [18:39] luciashyes, but not ideal, because it goes to the Description meta tag too, and then the Search result is something like: My Home | My Super Site - My Home, where better would be My Home | My Super Site - All about Me, Superman [18:42] Jyhem_laptopI don't like the idea of "convert page names in URLs to lowercase ascii alpha-numerals with spaces replaced by dashes" because this is going backwards when everybody works on ways of catering to the needs of the non-techy end users who are used to their accents.
Also, on a chinese or hebrew or arabic site, *all pages* would be "_" :-) [18:51] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44213 10branches/10.x/lib/wiki/editlib.php
tikiwiki [FIX] wysiwyg: Only remove last empty p tag on saving. Seems to work as an extra one appears from somewhere else (thanks Geoff) [18:54] luciashJyhem_laptop: that would be optional feature of course
Jyhem_laptop: and as I pointed out earlier - each language would need a specified "convert pattern"
Jyhem_laptop: so it does not convert to "_" each non-ascii character [18:56] .... (idle for 15mn)Jyhem_laptopluciash: each language would need a specified "convert pattern" seems a lot of work for no real benefit. Search engines can handle special chars and internationalisation. [19:12] .......... (idle for 47mn)luciashthere is real benefit but i do not want to argue about it with you [19:59] .......... (idle for 45mn)dennmansleft #tikiwiki [20:44] gouranyone familiar with apache rewriting rules?
i've started to play with providing set of rules for hiawatha server...starting with simple thing
here is apache rule: RewriteRule ^articles$ tiki-view_articles.php [L] and online nginx converter created the following: location = /articles { rewrite ^(.*)$ /tiki-view_articles.php break; } but that didn't work in hiawatha, so i converted it into: Match ^/articles(.*)$ Rewrite /tiki-view_articles.php
but maybe, according to Apache rule, just Match ^/articles$ Rewrite /tiki-view_articles.php would be more correct. what do you think? [20:52] sandroandradejoined #tikiwiki [21:04] USlackerjoined #tikiwiki [21:10] .... (idle for 15mn)kstingel|awayany Ubuntu pros in here? ... need a little help with perms for dev-web-folders
^ private chat probably best [21:25] gourkstingel|away: i'm not pro, especiall not for ubuntu, but might help
kstingel|away: in short...for php, i added myself to the www-data group or the one under which your webserver is running and chown-ed /var/www or whatever is webserver's root to www-data and chmod-ed recursively to 775 [21:28] arildb_joined #tikiwiki [21:39] luciashgour: i would not put the starting slash indicating web root maybe otherwise i think it is correct [21:45] gourluciash: do you follow, tiki-devel list? [21:46] luciashyep [21:46] gourluciash: see my post ;) [21:47] arildb__joined #tikiwiki [21:53] gourluciash: what do you think about that proposal? is it feasible/workable...? [21:54] ..... (idle for 20mn)arildb_joined #tikiwiki [22:14] arildb__joined #tikiwiki [22:18] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Image error "File is not an image." TW9.2 - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=45669 [22:21] arildb_joined #tikiwiki [22:23] luciashgour: yep, i think it could work [22:24] ........ (idle for 39mn)marclaportejoined #tikiwiki [23:03] Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki
Hi all (and polom to the others :) ) [23:06] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [23:09]
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