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another week, another polom [12:54] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44902 10trunk/templates/tiki-list_file_gallery.tpl
tikiwiki [MOD] elFinder: Make elfinder a replacement for browse mode for now - makes it easier to get to existing tiki function, but i suspect "finder" should be an additional new view mode eventually. [12:56] Treblyjoined #tikiwiki [12:56] ricardonjoined #tikiwiki
How do allow users to book and appointment from a wiki page? [12:59] jonnybhi ricardon [13:00] ricardonhi [13:01] jonnybusually that's done with a "tracker" [13:01] ricardonfinding myself not getting anywhere with the docs [13:01] jonnybhttp://doc.tiki.org/Trackers
you're not the first! [13:01] ricardonI see the need for a tracker and the calendar but i don not understand how to integrate the two [13:02] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44903 10trunk/lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-jquery.js
tikiwiki [FIX] cluetips: Stop cluetips ending up with zero width for filegal image thumbnails, and fix to an arbitrary min width - should be converted to native cluetips in the smarty popup object [13:02] fabriciuspolom [13:02] jonnybthe easiest place to start would be with a profile - it will build a tracker for you [13:02] nilsgeleft #tikiwiki [13:02] jonnybhi fabricius [13:02] fabriciusricardon / jonnyb just popping in a second
there is a different type of calendar
=> use tracker as a calendar
I just look in the docs [13:02] jonnybricardon: http://profiles.tiki.org/Bug_Tracker will build a simple one for you, with a wiki page for the form [13:03] fabriciusxavi showed us in Barcelona for ressource management [13:03] jonnybso a tracker's a good place to start? [13:04] ricardonthanks looking now. I think the bit i am missing is how to add the data entry forms for trackers onto wiki pages [13:04] jonnybit uses a {tracker} plugin
http://doc.tiki.org/PluginTracker [13:06] fabriciusmust be here ricardon http://doc.tiki.org/PluginTrackerCalendar&structure=Documentation+TOC
jonnyb: I did write you an email, cause I need some help in implementing responsive design in Tiki
I think the mqin task would be to get some new condition into the visibility options of the modules [13:07] jonnybfabricius: i think if ricardon is just starting out in tiki keeping it simple to start with might be better - tiki easily can swamp you!
fabricius: will try and read it later [13:08] ricardonok , thanks Jonnyb , bit surprised at myself not finding these pages. I have been looking for an hour! I have been app programming for many years but completely new to tiki [13:09] jonnybsorry, i _will_ read it later, not just try! :P [13:09] fabriciusjonnyb: you are right, but we do not know his pre-knowledge and he seems to have a very specific usecase/problem [13:09] ricardonI want to use it to allow one group of people to offer a service and another to book that service
Thanks Fabricius, Johnnyb [13:10] fabriciusjonnyb: thx ... its ok ;-) ... [13:10] jonnybricardon: welcome to tiki! app programmers most welcome! [13:10] ricardongreat to have such good support [13:10] jonnybtiki does groups and perms pretty well [13:11] ricardonIf I can get my brain around this I should be helpful to the community [13:11] fabriciusi have to go ... see ya later
good luck ricardon and welcome to th ecommunity [13:11] jonnybquite easy to set up one group to have admin and another just to enter data
try and get your head around the profiles - they will simplify lots of complex tasks and show you what's possible...
however, set up a blank default tiki (locally for instance) to play with - profiles can make changes you wouldn't want on a production site (and there's no undo!) [13:11] ricardonok, what I want is a separate tracker linked with each group. Group A : details their offer Group B: Shows their skills and makes application
I greated the groups and the trackers. But now look to integrate the data entry into nice wiki type pages and format the output.
Group A should see a list of who has applied and group b should get to see a list of their applications.
I should think this has been done a million times in tiki [13:13] jonnybindeed, of course [13:19] ricardonIs there a repository of scripts that people have used with tiki? [13:20] jonnybyou probably should look at some of ricks99 books and sites - let me find one [13:20] ricardonsort of a library of hacks [13:20] ricks99you rang? [13:20] ricardonlol , that was fast [13:20] jonnybah, hi ricks99 [13:20] ricks99somone said "ricks99"
polom y'all [13:20] jonnybdo you have a good recipe to follow for a pretty tracker form system?
some sort of bookings thing i think, for ricardon here [13:21] ricks99yup. There's a "pretty tracker" section in Tiki Essentials
http://twessentials.tikiforsmarties.com [13:22] jonnybthought so, thanks!
ricardon: have a look here too: http://tikiforsmarties.com/Books [13:22] ricks99no problem [13:23] jonnyb:) [13:23] ricardonok think I need to read some of this stuff and come back to you.
Thanks heaps. [13:24] ricks99bbl [13:26] .... (idle for 18mn)Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44904 10trunk/ 10lib/jquery_tiki/elfinder/elFinderVolumeTikiFiles.class.php 10lib/core/Services/File/FinderController.php
tikiwiki [FIX] elfinder: Apply tiki permissions to elfinder objects, more to be done i'm sure [13:44] tikiwiki 03yonixxx r44905 10branches/10.x/styles/BiDi/BiDi.css
tikiwiki [FIX]Fixing tracker tabs and loging box content alignment [13:58] luciashpolom polom [14:10] jonnybmoloq moloq [14:11] luciash:)
jonnyb: hi, will backport your {query} fix, don't you mind, do you ? [14:14] jonnybthe clue tip one?
sure - it's a bit hacky but works
(has been like that since tiki 6 i think! ;) ) [14:15] luciashthe print one [14:16] jonnybor right - sure, backport whatever works :) [14:19] Jyhempolom
I just got some good suggestion to add class perspective{categnumber} to body when $prefs['feature_perspective'] == 'y'
jonnyb: is the commit path still Tiki10 → backport to trunk → 9.x ? [14:22] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03yonixxx r44906 10branches/10.x/styles/BiDi/BiDi.css
tikiwiki [FIX]Better integration with default theme
tikiwiki 03jyhem r44907 10branches/10.x/lib/smarty_tiki/function.html_body_attributes.php
tikiwiki [ENH] Allow CSS styles to know which is the current perspective [14:34] luciashJyhem: i think it depends what is your primary target to fix
Jyhem: there are no more automerges to trunk if i understood correctly [14:42] Jyhemok. I did the merge anyway
message should pass promptly [14:44] luciashif you do it it is ok
:) [14:45] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jyhem r44908 10trunk/lib/smarty_tiki/function.html_body_attributes.php
tikiwiki [bp/r44907][ENH] Allow CSS styles to know which is the current perspective [14:46] Jyhemrimary target is 9.x
It's risk-free, I'll backport [14:46] jonnybhi Jyhem (sorry, disasters everywhere) - no one's regularly merging from 10 to trunk so i say go trunk -> 10 -> 9 [14:47] Jyhemjonnyb: ok. Understood. Will do that next. I suspected 10 → trunk → 9 would not last forever. This one was 10 → trunk → 9 [14:49] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jyhem r44909 10branches/9.x/lib/smarty_tiki/function.html_body_attributes.php
tikiwiki [bp/r44907][ENH] Allow CSS styles to know which is the current perspective [14:50] jonnybjust updated http://dev.tiki.org/Where+to+commit#Dashboard
a bit late - merging sort of stopped last year [14:56] redflojoined #tikiwiki [14:58] Jyhemthanks jonnyb [15:03] Someone asks me if it would be a lot of work to add a new modules "box" on top of all the existing ones. I wonder wht I should answer :-) The purpose would be, put all admin modules there, so it would not show for normal users, and make it show/hide on the left side of the browser screen.
I saw it done using the right "box". works nicely (but uses up the "right box" [15:08] luciashu mean to keep the right column and add an extra one which would show up next or over it ?
maybe you can use shadowlayers feature for it and put the modules there using the {wiki} syntax ?
or you need the drag and drop ?
and the toggle icon ? [15:11] Jyhemluciash: no toggle icon, just drag & drop modules in the box
wait for demo [15:15] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [15:29] dhazeljoined #tikiwiki [15:30] ...... (idle for 26mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [15:56] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03yonixxx r44910 10branches/10.x/styles/BiDi/BiDi.css
tikiwiki [FIX]Oupss... thanks jb for poking me
tikiwiki 03luciash r44911 10trunk/templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl
tikiwiki [FIX] print (wiki page): keep _all_ URL params - useful when you have e.g. TRACKERLIST plugin on a page and using tr_user=foo or other custom params to print the same content as displayed [16:00] jonnybluciash: good fix (by the look of it) in r44911 - thanks [16:07] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03luciash r44912 10branches/10.x/templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl
tikiwiki [bp/r44877][FIX] print: Add all auto_query_args to print icon link so itemId etc get carried through (thanks eromneg) [16:08] luciashjonnyb: yup, i think it is better now [16:08] jonnyb:) [16:08] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03luciash r44913 10branches/10.x/templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl
tikiwiki [bp/r44911][FIX] print (wiki page): keep _all_ URL params - useful when you have e.g. TRACKERLIST plugin on a page and using tr_user=foo or other custom params to print the same content as displayed [16:12] lindonbjoined #tikiwiki
polom [16:17] jonnybhi lindonb - how goes? [16:19] lindonbjonnyb: doing well, thank you!
and you? [16:20] JyhemHmmm Luci, I think the one param you do NOT want to carry over is the highlight param [16:20] jonnybnot bad thanks - enjoying being at home for a change! :) [16:20] lindonbyes, you've been on the go for a while [16:21] luciashJyhem: why not, i want to highlight what i looked for in print [16:21] lindonblooks like query table sorter forked
forked version has nice-looking table filtering and other goodies [16:21] jonnybmight be worth trying an update? (locally first, obviously) [16:23] luciashJyhem: except it does not highlight in print view anyway :-(
Jyhem: at least with fivealive [16:23] lindonbjonnyb: yes, how does do that?
externals are a mystery to me (along with a lot of other things) [16:24] jonnybjust try replacing the file(s) locally and see if it all still works first [16:25] lindonbgot it [16:25] jonnybit'll automatically commit to third_party if and when you're ready (on that one as it's on our svn inside lib/jquery i think) [16:25] Jyhemluciash: well, that's cool, then :-) When i search words, it is nice that the search words are hihlighted, but for printing the page, not a good idea [16:26] luciashJyhem: if you do not want the params, just click refresh on the page title ;) [16:27] lindonbjonnyb: cool, thanks [16:28] Jyhemluciash: I know and I do. My users… not quite sure [16:28] luciashJyhem: if they complain you can tell them ;) [16:41] .... (idle for 16mn)Jyhemhas that ever worked ? :) [16:57] .... (idle for 15mn)luciashwhat is &page_ref_id=1 good for ???
jonnyb: i mean it is not passed using {query} if the display page as structure or something like that is used on wiki homepage now, but i do not see any side effect - it still displays the same to me
including the structure navigation box [17:12] jonnybisn't it used in structures? (don't know so left it alone) [17:14] luciashi mean you removed it and only affected thing is when using tiki-index.php as wiki homepage . it does not get passed to {query}, otherwise it works if referrenced in URL of course
the previous code passed it in $page_ref_id automagically
even when it was not present in the URL as param [17:15] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44914 10trunk/lib/categories/categlib.php
tikiwiki [FIX] categs: Only return array of the categIds even if parentId = 0. Doesn't seem to break anything else but look out for side-effects (thanks Trebly) [17:18] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [17:25] luciashjonnyb: ok, until anybody complains, it can stay - we can add the ref_id check back any time [17:26] jonnybisn't page_ref_id an auto_query_arg? So should get added if it was there in the first place i think, no? [17:27] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03luciash r44915 10branches/9.x/templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl
tikiwiki [bp/r44877][FIX] print: Add all auto_query_args to print icon link so itemId etc get carried through (thanks eromneg) [17:30] luciashjonnyb: i don't know how exactly the wiki index page works but i know if it is HomePage it removes the page name part and anything else and it displays just using the tiki-index.php and if there is page_ref_id it was added too even when it was not present in the URL
jonnyb: which is not the case using {query}... i will try now if it is kept when i use the _keepall param [17:31] arildb_joined #tikiwiki [17:32] jonnybok, sorry - can't ceck this stuff now
check [17:32] luciashok, seems it is not, anyway, not a big deal i think for now. i was just hoping you know more than me ;) [17:33] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03luciash r44916 10branches/9.x/templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl
tikiwiki [bp/r44911][FIX] print (wiki page): keep _all_ URL params - useful when you have e.g. TRACKERLIST plugin on a page and using tr_user=foo or other custom params to print the same content as displayed [17:36] ....... (idle for 33mn)JyhemI have a website with one perspective 1 and perspective 0, of course. When I am in perspective 1 and I access /tiki-admin.php I get the CSS of perspective 0. Is that on purpose ?
I seem to remember some conversation, but I forgot the conclusion :-( [18:09] .... (idle for 16mn)redflojoined #tikiwiki [18:25] Caarriejoined #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [18:29] ricks99_joined #tikiwiki [18:30] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [18:34] changijoined #tikiwiki [18:36] luciashanybody knows where lib/smarty/ moved in trunk ? [18:40] jonnybinto vendors/smarty
you'll have to run setup.sh and get the new packaging thing working (it's a bit dull)
http://dev.tiki.org/Composer [18:42] JyhemHmm, I notice the page http://dev.tiki.org/Composer fails to mention the benefits one expects of Composer :-( I guess I'll understand when i encounter them? [18:53] dhazeljoined #tikiwiki [19:04] jonnybJyhem: not necessarily :) svn up is a bit quicker... that's about it i think [19:08] JyhemJyhem feels we need some concept of evaluating new stuff. Some concept with room for negative evaluations. [19:12] ..... (idle for 22mn)arildbjoined #tikiwiki [19:34] JyhemAbout the admin pages jumping out of the perspective: it seems to be by design :-(
lib/setup/prefs.php, line 395 : if ( ! isset( $section ) || $section != 'admin' ) { [19:34] pedorjoined #tikiwiki [19:49] ....... (idle for 31mn)manubjoined #tikiwiki [20:20] luciashwhat is the best way to get the last portion/of/an/uri?to=smarty ?
after the last / [20:21] jonnybit's somewhere in the $smarty object - $smarty.server.request_query or something [20:23] luciash$smarty.server.REQUEST_URI returns absolute path from first / (including) [20:23] lindonbcan't get past the "you're not completely set up" composer message [20:24] luciashsetup.sh fix worked for me, lindon [20:25] lindonbwhen i run setup.sh, it says my lock file is out of date [20:25] luciash'setup.sh fix' is the command [20:25] lindonbokay let me try that [20:25] luciashlock file of svn ? [20:25] lindonbi'm assuming the composer.lock file but not sure [20:27] jonnybno, the lock file is something to do with composer
lindonb: i have a half finished email about what i did to get it working - shall i send it to you? (might have some clues) [20:27] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44917 10trunk/lib/core/Tiki/Profile/InstallHandler/FileGallery.php
tikiwiki [FIX] profiles filegals: Only show the "columns" and "popups" specified in the profile if anything is set (otherwise use the defaults) [20:28] lindonbjonnyb: that would be great :)
i get a runtime exception too
Package could not be downloaded, sh: svn: command not found [20:28] jonnybactually it's not so much help...
i needed to install the php openssl extension, and on my server i had to add something to php.ini [20:32] lindonbeek! [20:33] luciashsvn command not found ? oups [20:33] jonnyblindonb: sent you the mail anyway
what's the full error you are getting? [20:33] lindonbok, thanks [20:34] luciashjonnyb: i use the REQUEST_URI - that is why i need to strip all except last / and the rest after [20:35] lindonbfull message: [20:35] jonnybluciash: have a look in phpinfo - there might be one that already has what you want [20:35] lindonbYou are using the latest composer version.
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies from lock file
Warning: The lock file is not up to date with the latest changes in composer.json. You may be getting outdated dependencies. Run update to update them.
- Installing smarty/smarty (v3.1.13)
Checking out /tags/v3.1.13/@4699

Package could not be downloaded, sh: svn: command not found

install [--prefer-source] [--prefer-dist] [--dry-run] [--dev] [--no-custom-installers] [--no-scripts] [--no-progress] [-v|--verbose] [-o|--optimize-autoloader]
whoa - sorry about that! [20:36] jonnyb:D
is this on mac os? [20:36] lindonbyes [20:36] luciashjonnyb: thanks [20:37] jonnyband using mamp? [20:37] lindonbno, native php and apache [20:37] jonnyband you have svn installed?
(you only need to get composer working for svn i think) [20:37] lindonbmaybe not - i have it as part of phpstorm [20:38] jonnybah, ok - that'll be in a different place (inside phpstorm)
easiest would be to install svn from collabnet
http://www.collab.net/downloads/subversion (community downloads)
except those are all only svn 1.6 and phpstorm uses 1.7 which isn't compatible...
unless you told it to use 1.6 when you did the checkout [20:38] lindonbi told it to use 1.7 [20:41] jonnybit'll be on the "Subversion Working Copies Information" tab on the changes panel (in phpstorm)
meh [20:42] lindonbfound it - says 1.7 [20:43] jonnybhttp://www.wandisco.com/subversion/download has some 1.7s for mac
no idea who they are tho (looks ok) [20:43] lindonbokay, thanks
i notice I do have a .subversion folder in my user directory
as well as a .subversion_IDEA folder [20:44] jonnybthe IDEA one is phpstorm, the other might be too [20:46] lindonbdon't quite get why I need to download svn?
is it to separately update composer? [20:46] jonnybsetup.sh expects it to be there
(apparently) [20:46] lindonbok
will try it [20:51] arildbHi, I made a test with a CkEditor 4 integration in Tiki
Seems to work well. Only minor changes needed
Should this go into an experimental branch, or add it to trunk...maybe with an option to CkEditor 4 [20:56] jonnybhi arildb - sounds good
how well (does it seem)?
can you put it somewhere people could try it a bit? [21:00] arildbonly locally right now
It's very few changes. Maybe I can add it to trunk?
hard coding the ckeditor4 option for now [21:02] jonnybhmm, i'd be tempted to not make it optional i think
get the pain over with! :D [21:03] arildbmaybe best suited as an experimental for now. Just to look [21:03] jonnybit depends on if you think we (you maybe) can get it stable before we branch for 11
sorry, i have to go now... i guess we can unoptionlise it later [21:04] arildbit looks like a very smooth transition. Only minor changes. No errors in my tests so far
yes [21:05] jonnybok, good luck - looking forward to it (sort of) [21:05] arildbthe inline editing is trhe interesting part. I haven't looked at that [21:06] .... (idle for 18mn)arildb_joined #tikiwiki [21:24] joelCOEjoined #tikiwiki
Answering intead of jyhem [21:27] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44918 10trunk/lib/core/Tiki/Profile/InstallHandler/FileGallery.php
tikiwiki [FIX] profiles filegals: Add special handling for filegal names (works in a different way, of course) [21:28] joelCOEActually, the solution we use currently takes us the right zone in our website
The idea is to use an entire site zone to drop modules within with only admin rights. [21:28] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03jonnybradley r44919 10trunk/ 10admin/include_profiles.php 10templates/admin/include_profiles.tpl
tikiwiki [ENH] profiles: Add dropdown menu for which caches to clear, if any, when using the advanced "test" form [21:30] joelCOEIf it is the very first zone to appear, then it can be a a top admin bar, over the top bar
We can as well use the top bar, but actually this makes us mix logo and menus...
end of answer to luciash [21:30] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03arildb r44920 10trunk/ 10(270 files in 53 dirs)
tikiwiki [NEW] Add CkEditor4
tikiwiki 03arildb r44921 10trunk/lib/ckeditor4/ 10(16 files in 3 dirs)
tikiwiki [NEW] Add kama skin from CkEditor 3.6. Used by Tiki
tikiwiki 03arildb r44922 10trunk/ 10lib/ckeditor_tiki/plugins/tikiplugin/plugin.js 10lib/ckeditor_tiki/plugins/_tikilink/plugin.js 10lib/ckeditor_tiki/wysiwyglib.php
tikiwiki [NEW] Integrated CkEditor 4, which is set as the active editor.
tikiwiki Removed BiDi settings, since they caused JS errors. [21:36] .... (idle for 16mn)marclaportejoined #tikiwiki [21:56] g4mm4joined #tikiwiki
i have a few questions if you don't mind ?
mm ok it's on as.elvista.com/index.php
how can i reduce the blank space below the logo?
it's tiki10 [22:03] luciashhi g4mm4
lemme have a quick look [22:10] g4mm4thx [22:11] luciashg4mm4: try #top_modules .box-logo {height: 230px} in your CSS [22:20] g4mm4so i really need to edit css manualy ? ok what is the name of the css file? [22:21] luciashjoelCOE: ok, you can just put modules in any zone and make them visible only assigned to Admins group
joelCOE: e.g. bottom
g4mm4: you do not need to, you can also put it in Look&Feel > Custom CSS admin panel [22:22] joelCOE@ g4mm4
#header { height: 26em; width: 100%; [22:23] g4mm4mm the profile was great in the end i'd like the logo as abackground
ah ok
i try it right now [22:23] joelCOEdarkroom.css
Buggy ;)
Just remove this in firebug and the bizarre height is gone [22:23] luciashjoelCOE: and then use position: fixed to position it on any edge of the screen [22:24] g4mm4mm i feel overrolled ;) sorry [22:25] luciashjoelCOE: or do you have all the zones occupied ? [22:26] g4mm4shall i try the css code #top_modules ... now?
it's everwhere anonymous, admin [22:26] luciashg4mm4: i tried in firebug and it helped, you can try too, yes :) [22:27] joelCOEluciash : the idea is to have a zone only to put admin stuff in top or left part of the website [22:27] luciashjoelCOE: you mean you are too lazy to assign every module to Admins group so you need special admin zone ?
joelCOE: you can have #bottom_modules {position: fixed; left 0; top: 10px}
joelCOE: so they appear on left edge of the viewport [22:27] joelCOEg4mm4 in darkroom.css line 388 #top_modules #sitetitles {margin: 10% 20px;} does the bug. Just remove or override [22:29] luciashgtg [22:29] g4mm4isn't the an option like somewhere title,sub-tiltle is set by background:black .. can't i just change black to an image? but where?
and darkroom.css is where to find please
but i tested other profiles all the same
just for an addition
so // the line would be helpful or how do you comment in css
ok i'll try it
while that how can i set articles_home my default site? [22:29] joelCOEluciash : Actually, I need a "box" (div, or anything) to drop modules within, on top of tiki zones, and yes, then I need to add admin group only to change visibility of it.
If you don't have access to your darkroom.css, you can add some custom css here : tiki-admin.php?page=look&cookietab=2 in Custom CSS part (look and feel, Customization)
It should override
If, not, add a class
Then if you don't already use it, please test firebug ;) [22:36] g4mm4i have ftp access
so commending out line 388 is the solution?
ok so the same is on the ugly dispay of shoutbox on the site? [22:40] marclaportejoined #tikiwiki [22:44] g4mm4hi [22:44] lindonblphuberdeau: I created a php file with passthru('svn --help'); [22:46] joelCOEg4mm4 : sorry but the shoutbox = more work [22:46] lindonband I got this error: sh: svn: command not found [22:46] joelCOEUses tables ... [22:46] lindonblphuberdeau: I ran it in the tikiroot [22:47] g4mm4k it works fine for registered [22:47] joelCOEg4mm4 : you must add .box-data td {display: block; float: left; width: 100%} to your css, but this doesn't work well in old versions of iexplore (8 OK) [22:49] g4mm4@joelCOE can i do this within the tiki admin or do i need to edit files directly? [22:50] joelCOEg4mm4 : you can add some css in look&feel>customization to override [23:01] GillesMjoined #tikiwiki [23:01] joelCOEBut if you have access to css, it is better to edit it :) All changes in the same place... [23:01] g4mm4k i used this and pasted :" .box-data td {display: block; float: left; width: 100%} "
didn't change anything [23:03] marclaportearildb: yay for CK Editor 4! [23:04] arildbmarclaporte: thanks. [23:04] joelCOEChanged in your site, try CTRL+refresh [23:06] arildbmarclaporte: does CkEditor work ok on your side. I have only tested with Windows [23:06] joelCOEThen you need to add #captcha img {width: auto;} [23:06] marclaportearildb: testing now [23:06] joelCOEsorry was @ g4mm4 [23:07] Tiki-KGBtikiwiki 03luciash r44923 10trunk/templates/tiki-page_bar.tpl
tikiwiki [ENH] Bookmarks (wiki page): keep URL params to bookmark the same content as displayed [23:08] manubleft #tikiwiki [23:08] g4mm4k i guess i get it managed by source one last question: i want to generate a new main munue entry by an article which mainly is an iframe? [23:10] joelCOEg4mm4 : looks tricky. The easiest to add a menu is to set up a structure with some copy/paste of indented text (use on space for level1, two spaces for level2, ... you can use search/replace to do it from some source copied in a good text editor, like geany), then add a menu and put the name of your structure. Then, you have to fill the wiki pages with content or iframes or whatever :) [23:16] marclaporteI am getting: Warning: The lock file is not up to date with the latest changes in composer.json. You may be getting outdated dependencies. Run update to update them. [23:18] joelCOEg4mm4 add this menu in the modules menu [23:18] g4mm4i just want to run an irc web access
i like the features i always used joomla this is why i ask so stupid conversion questions
alone latex or displaying R is neat [23:24] joelCOENo prob. I'm also discovering. R is planned for use as well in our WS... [23:29] marclaportearildb: http://demo.tiki.org/trunk/tiki-index.php?page=wysiwyg_sample_page [23:30] arildbchecking
seems to work fine, or? [23:30] marclaporteI get the feeling some extra line breaks are added
It works well for such an upgrade [23:32] arildbok...could be [23:32] marclaportejCapture is not working so I can't easily show you :-) [23:33] arildbmarclaporte: yes, line breaks are added. ... [23:35] marclaporteIf a page is converted from wiki to WYSIWYG, the diff is wonky but I guess this is too be expected [23:36] arildbmarclaporte: was jCapture working before? [23:36] marclaporteI don't know, but I doubt very much it's related to this commit [23:37] arildbok [23:37] marclaportearildb: about articles, which have one wiki box, and one WYSIWYG box, there is a patch floating around by e-mail which should make it to tiki-devel for public evaluation soon
Heading vs body of articles: http://demo.tiki.org/trunk/tiki-edit_article.php
ck4 feels faster than ck3 [23:38] arildbI sure hope other people will join in, if CkEditor 4 is to be stabalized.
yes, it does seem a bit faster [23:40] marclaporteYou did the right thing by opening the dance floor! [23:40] arildbhe he ... I hope so [23:40] g4mm4<script type="text/javascript" src="lib/menubuilder/menu.js"></script> is it mabybe a jscript option job? [23:40] marclaportePluginMouseover doesn't work, when trying to input new content [23:41] joelCOEg4mm4 sorry not my level of skill... [23:41] marclaporteok, none of the plugin tools work [23:41] arildbso, there is a bit of work to get it stable [23:42] g4mm4k all i wanted to know was if it was ok to manipulate the source so it seems to be as find a neat solution i post it here [23:43] marclaportearildb: editing the plugins works beautifully [23:44] arildboh good! [23:44] joelCOEOk, thanks :) Good luck ;) [23:44] marclaportearildb: where should I log issues? [23:46] arildbnot sure. Maybe start a CkEditor4 page on dev? [23:46] marclaporteperfect
http://dev.tiki.org/CKEditor4 [23:48] arildblooks good [23:53] joelCOEBye all [23:57]
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