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New Forum Posts: tracker date/time puzzle - http://suite.tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=54522 [06:28] New Forum Posts: Bootstrap Modals - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=54536
New Forum Posts: 12.x: Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in lib/setup/prefs.php on line 406 - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=54528
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I play with bootstrap themes .. I don't know how to center the sitelogo ... pull-left seems forced [11:54] chibaguyHi gilles. Are you using the logo module? Is this in the top_modules zone? And is anything else in that zone? [12:09] gillesI don't know what is logo module :)
let me check the modules
chibaguy, yes it is . [12:11] chibaguyWell, Bootstrap lays out the page in a grid of divs with the class "row" (horizontal) and each row contains "column" divs.
Tiki's module zones are also div class="row". [12:17] gilleswhere can I change that ? [12:18] chibaguySo then when you add a module, you can give it a container class (I'll check on the exact name there) so it functions as a grid column. [12:18] gour_joined #tikiwiki [12:18] chibaguyAh, it's the "containing class" item under "Appearance" (third tab) when editing/assigning a module on tiki-admin_modules.php.
For "containing class", if the module is 50% of the page width, you can use "col-md-6". This means in a medium-sized display, the module will be 6 of 12 units wide. (Bootstrap uses a 12-unit wide grid.)
Examples are here: http://getbootstrap.com/examples/grid/ So to center the logo (horizontally) in the module zone, I guess it could have "col-md-2 col-md-offset-5". [12:21] gillesggrrr the module modification don't allow me to see the record http://imagebin.ca/v/1oDuiTrhlNXw [12:26] chibaguyThis means the logo module is 2/12 of the page width wide and is offset (moved to the right from the left margin) 5/12 of the page width. [12:27] gillesI understant bootstrap colname
but look my screencopy [12:28] chibaguyah, ok.
Do you find "containing class" under the third tab "Appearance"? [12:28] gillesyes [12:29] chibaguyYou can input a bootstrap grid column class there. [12:29] gillesI ca't see the text I put in the module
I don't see the menu item
like you see in thr screncopy [12:30] chibaguyIs the problem due to bad contrast in the theme you're using? [12:31] gillesI don't know I use bootstrap theme [12:31] chibaguyWhich theme? [12:31] gillesI tried sevrral themes [12:31] chibaguyCould you try "default Bootstrap" maybe, just to test? [12:32] gillesI change the theme but goty tehes ugly and unvisible color in module
always the same ugly theme for module
perhaps clear cache ? [12:32] chibaguygood idea [12:34] gillessame problem [12:36] chibaguyIs the site upgraded from an earlier Tiki version, or a fresh installation of Tiki 13 or trunk? [12:37] gillesupgraded [12:38] chibaguyDo other page parts look OK? Just modules look bad?
Also, is the text color OK in other text inputs, in forms and so on? [12:39] gillesyes
just on module modification option
an my site is not with this ugly colors [12:40] chibaguyWhat Tiki version?
Jquery-UI is still being used on the module admin page. I think there's a conflict with the jquery-ui theme you're using. [12:45] gilles13.1
I was able to change in bliding mode col-md-2 col-md-offset-2 and my logo is centered now ( ol-md-2 col-md-offset-5 pushed it to right) [12:49] chibaguyhmm, ok. [12:51] gillesI have error displayed in top of admin panels : Erreur(s)
Effacer les erreurs
Invalid partner id
Invalid partner id [12:52] chibaguyLooks like a Google analytics error or some similar ting.
Or Kaltura? [12:53] gillesOk I found the ugly color ... I changed Allow per-object layout
Now all is fine [13:02] chibaguyoh, good. [13:02] gillesinvalid partner is perhaps because I use a ww. address to test and not www.
many thanks [13:03] chibaguysure, you're welcome. [13:09] ........ (idle for 37mn)popsonjoined #tikiwiki
hello all am just new to this group, am trying to create an account in tiki.org. where can i get passcode to register, without this passcode i cannot complete my registration [13:46] chibaguyhi popson. I'd like to help, but I'm getting an "Unable to complete secure transaction" error at tiki.org at the moment.
...when I try to log in.
I didn't know a passcode was needed to register; it must be something new due to the spam attacks the site had several months ago.
fabricius, are you around? [13:58] popsonyes chibaguy [14:01] fabriciusHi chibaguy, just saw your message popping up. Have to go to work in a few minutes - what's up? [14:02] chibaguyPopson wants to register at tiki.org but needs the passcode. Do you know anything about that? [14:03] fabriciuschecking
back [14:03] popsonwhat i want to do is to download tiki full app without installing it manually [14:05] fabriciuspopson: the passcode should be visible in a text below the passcode field. It is just a spam protection [14:05] chibaguypopson, you can download it from a link at info.tiki.org.
You don't need to register. [14:06] fabriciusIf you do not see the passcode below the field where you shall type it in, you might have deactivated JavaScript or so
popson, what do you mean with "download tiki full app without installing it manually" ? [14:06] popsonok i will try the link (chibaguy) send [14:08] fabriciusok
bye [14:09] popsoni want to install all tiki suite app [14:10] chibaguyinfo.tiki.org just lists Tiki itself. Maybe you should check http://suite.tiki.org/Tiki+Suite+Install about Tiki Suite (Tiki plus other OS and other applications). [14:12] ...... (idle for 25mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [14:37] .... (idle for 16mn)fabricius1joined #tikiwiki [14:53] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r53503 10trunk/templates/tiki-list_articles.tpl
[FIX] articles: WYSIWYCA - obey $tiki_p_remove_article on articles list (thanks marclaporte) [14:54] 03jonnybradley r53504 10branches/ 1013.x 1013.x/templates/tiki-list_articles.tpl
[bp/r53503][FIX] articles: WYSIWYCA - obey $tiki_p_remove_article on articles list (thanks marclaporte) [15:04] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki
re hi popson: "Tiki Suite" is in fact not AN app, but a suggested set of apps where Tiki is one of a vast number. [15:13] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r53505 10branches/ 1012.x/templates/tiki-list_articles.tpl 1012.x
[bp/r53504][FIX] articles: WYSIWYCA - obey $tiki_p_remove_article on articles list (thanks marclaporte) [15:14] .... (idle for 15mn)bprawitjoined #tikiwiki [15:29] ..... (idle for 20mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [15:49] MagicFab_joined #tikiwiki
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polom y'all :) [16:09] jonnybhi ricks99 [16:10] ricks99hiya jonnyb [16:10] anyone know... how to use the LISTPAGES plugin to show a set of pages with a specific creation date? For example, I want to list all wiki pages that were created between Jan 1, 2014 and June 1, 2014. Possible? [16:22] jonnybsorry ricks99 - if anyone would knew you would :)
i tihnk there is something similar for articles though (no help i guess)
it could be done with the {list} or {custom_seach} plugins though, i think [16:29] ricks99thanks. (forgot about LIST). sometimes it is easier to simply use SQL plugin and write a quick query... but it always feels like cheating [16:32] ....... (idle for 34mn)well crap. LIST should do exactly what i want. but keep getting "No results for query" when I include {filter range="creation_date" from="1388534400" to="1419984000"} (which should give me all pages created from jan -dec, 2014. [17:06] Jyhempolom [17:06] jonnybhi Jyhem
ricks99: try using 2014-01-01 for the dates (if not 20140101) [17:06] Jyhemhi jonnyb [17:07] ricks99nope :( [17:08] jonnybrange can be tricky, but i'm sure it works eventually - which tiki version? [17:08] ricks999lts [17:08] jonnyboh, possibly not back then - think 12 should work ok [17:09] Jyhemwith unified search ? [17:09] jonnybwas very new in 9 [17:09] ricks99oh crap... it requires unified search.
DUH [17:09] Jyhemthat wasn't popular in 9lts times [17:09] jonnybyup
although http://doc.tiki.org/LIST+-+filter+command?structure=HomePage+Plugins says range was from tiki 9
but you will need unified index enabled and up to date (lucene only back then) [17:09] ricks99hmm... unified search is enabled
will have to troublehsoot later. brb [17:12] ............ (idle for 57mn)left #tikiwiki [18:11] ............ (idle for 59mn)MagicFab_joined #tikiwiki
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How can we list wiki pages that are not translated? [19:32] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r53506 10branches/experimental/ 10(10 files in 7 dirs)
[REF] iconsets: Move the iconsets code into a new IconsetLib library and reduce the number of global vars etc [19:44] MagicFab_joined #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [19:57] aalexI want to import data into trackers from a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. What is the fastest way to do so?
I thought I could write a tiny Python script to convert CSV to YAML. Does anyone has such a script? [20:07] .... (idle for 17mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [20:25] .... (idle for 19mn)Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r53507 10branches/experimental/tiki14_themes/ 10(216 files in 110 dirs)
[REF] themes: Rename tiki.css and tiki.less files to the theme or option name .css
As discussed on https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki14#Less_and_CSS_naming_convention
Probably some further tidying up to do... [20:44] ..... (idle for 21mn)aalexCan we use the same image for an article in each of its translations?
mose: eh salut! [21:05] MagicFab_joined #tikiwiki
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