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Hello, is there a way to force users to upload their files to folders in galleries instead of the root directory of the gallery? [11:49] Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [11:59] Sam__Hello, is there a way to force users to upload their files to folders in galleries instead of the root directory of the gallery? [12:02] Jyhem_laptopnot really force, but you can provide them with a link like: /tiki-upload_file.php?galleryId=4 for gallery 4 [12:10] Sam__@Jyhem_laptop : But every group has to choose the gallery, but not the root [12:19] Jyhem_laptopsorry, I see no way of forbidding the root gallery.
Maybe you can remove permission tiki_p_upload_files from the root, but that is likely to lead to bad user experience when the upload is rejected.
bbl [12:28] Sam__How can I do that?
Jyhem_laptop How can I do that? [12:33] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Merging in phpStorm [was [Tikiwiki-cvs/svn] SF.net SVN: tikiwiki:[54120]...] - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55044 [12:43] New Forum Posts: section edit? on dev.tiki.org - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55045 [12:53] ricks99joined #tikiwiki
polom y'all
(hopefully) a quick & easy question: i'm looking for an easy way to simply display the *number* of tracker items in a tracker that match a criteria. i don't want to display any of the tracker intformation. possible? easily?
i tried using the TRACKERLIST with no fields, but omitting the fields simply display *all* fiields.
workaround is to use the SQL plugin to querey the DB directly, but i'd rather not do that. surely there's a simple Tiki way for this? [12:58] ....... (idle for 31mn)left #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [13:36] Sam__Hello, is there a way to force users to upload their files to folders in galleries instead of the root directory of the gallery? [13:49] Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [13:49] ricks99Sam__: you can give them upload permission to only the selected gallery [13:50] Sam__That's the case. But I want to restrict them to upload to root
ricks99 : That's the case. But I want to restrict them to upload to root [13:52] ricks99did u remove the "upload" permission for that usre group? [13:53] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: How to display only the number/count of items in a Tracker - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=55047 [13:53] ricks99for the system gallery, if you disable the "gallery is unlocked" option, then only the owner of the gallery can upload into it. see docs for details [13:56] Sam__ricks99 I have multiple categories, and each category has access from groups, and users can be assigned to groups to have access to categories. Now every gallery has specific category permissions. However, if a user uploads to root, only the owner will be able to see it. I want to force users to upload to a sub-gallery so that their group can see stuff.
I tried removing global upload permission, and users were not able to upload anything anymore [14:05] ricks99not the global permssion. you need to remove the upload permission for only the gallery you want to prohibit uploads [14:08] Sam__ricks99 : I want to prohibit uploading to root... not a specific gallery [14:12] ricks99by "root" do you mean the system gallery (ID=0)?
Did you disable the "Gallery is unlocked" optin? [14:13] .... (idle for 15mn)XGuardenjoined #tikiwiki [14:28] How to reindex page [14:34] ricks99XGuarden: Look for the REBUILD INDEX button on Admin pages
remember, you can use the admin config search feature to quickly find any/every Tiki option [14:37] XGuardenMy difficulty is to access admin page I never find it lol
ho got it [14:38] ricks99that's what the admin config search feature is for :)
makes it *very* easy to find what you're looking for [14:39] XGuardenWhat is the difference between llucune mysql full text and Elasticshearch [14:41] ricks99different search engines. see the docs for details pro/con for each [14:42] XGuardenok [14:45] chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki [14:54] polom
I wonder if anyone uses that background-color-behind-logo "feature".
Is $prefs.mobile_mode still used?
In principle, it's not supposed to be necessary anymore. [15:03] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki
pom pom [15:22] XGuardenwow a buged my website
I activated extensive search and nothing work now on my site. I think I must reindex but cant find how [15:25] jonnybhi XGuarden - extensive search? [15:29] XGuardenyes
I activate it and no search work now lol [15:36] ricks99do you mean "unified search"?
which uniified ssearch engine are you using? [15:38] XGuardenextensive [15:40] ricks99ricks99 not familiar with "extensive" -- thought the tiki options were: mysql, lucene, or elasitcsearch [15:41] chibaguyAbout collapsing navbars, my understanding is that there are two parts - navbar-header and navbar-collapse
so I'm having trouble figuring out how Tiki's top and/or topbar modules can be responsive by default.
.. a topic for a longer post, but it's been bugging me.
I see how it can be done 1) with stuff hardcoded in the layout tpl, or 2) using a custom module zone,
but are either of these suitable for the default Tiki? What's the best way to have a site that works on all devices, is reponsive on phones, has collapsing site header, and so on as standard, not after some tinkering by the admin? [15:41] XGuardenby extensive I mean elasitcsearch
Search functionality currently unavailable. [16:01] ricks99XGuarden: elasitcsearch requires a separate installation (outside of tiki). check your elasticsearch installation and confirm it is correct [16:03] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54131 10trunk/lib/setup/twversion.class.php * [REL] update version string and add some missing releases [16:06] XGuardenit's wwhy dont work
but I dont understand exacly differently between them
I only want wiki to be able to search inside "fade" [16:07] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54132 10branches/14.x/lib/setup/twversion.class.php * [REL] Update branch mode and add missing releases [16:08] Sam__ricks99 I mean with root the first thing that appears in the gallery when you list galleries. Is that id=0? [16:12] ricks99XGuarden: IIRC, the only way to search for text within a plugin is by using the basic mysql search [16:12] Sam__ricks99 The option "gallery is unlocked" doesn't exist. I'm using tiki 12.3 [16:13] XGuardenreally? that will slowdown? [16:13] ricks99Sam__: depends on how you have it configured. did you disable the "Gallery is unlocked" option? doing so should prohibit uploads by non-admins
Sam__: make sure you aren't filtering your options [16:13] XGuardenHow where I need to go for activate basic mysql search [16:15] ricks99admin: search page. see docs for full details on pro/con of using basic mysql search [16:15] Sam__ricks99: Only unavailable is disabled... other options are enabled, and still the word "unlocked" doesn't find anything. [16:22] ricks99Sam__: it is for the specific gallery -- not the file gallery feature (seach wont find it). you can see it on the demo site: http://demo.tiki.org/12x/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?edit_mode=1&galleryId=1
brb [16:22] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Traducir edicion de WikiLink - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=15&comments_parentId=55049 [16:27] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [16:27] Sam__ricks99: I removed the option "unlocked" for the root gallery, but users can still upload... [16:29] ricks99Sam__: not sure then, sorry. sounds like you're overridding the upload permission somewhere [16:36] Sam__Upload permissions are overridden for every category. That's by definition the model I'm using to provide each group the permission they have to have for the corresponding category [16:37] ricks99did you check the category of your root gallery? [16:39] arildbI am unable to install the composer files for Tiki14 and trunk (using Windows)...."Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.". Any ideas? [16:40] Sam__The root gallery has no categories set at all [16:41] arildb...trunk seems to install now. Maybe something with the connection. Will try Tiki14 afterwards [16:42] ricks99Sam__: does the group have file_upload perm? [16:48] arildbStill the same composer error for Tiki14 [16:59] ricks99left #tikiwiki [17:00] chibaguyarildb: composer works ok for me on windows
(just fyi) [17:10] Sam__ricks99: If you mean tiki_p_upload_files, then yes [17:11] arildbchibaguy: ok...I get the same error every time
created a new tiki14 folder and installed from SVN. Then created a vendor folder + copied the composer.phar file to temp. The vendor folder is thus empty. Error: Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages. [17:13] chibaguyI don't create a vendor folder or copy the composer.phar file. I actually didn't do anything except checkout the branch into a folder.
(Or am I not remembering?) [17:21] arildbthat doesn't install the vendor files on my side
now I have copied all the vendor files from trunk to the tiki14 folder...and it seems to run ok [17:21] chibaguyOk, I have to do that with an installation at a hosted domain where composer won't run.
As long as the vendor files are there. [17:23] arildbyes. composer seems to have problems with an empty vendor folder on Windows [17:23] chibaguywell, for me there's been no problem.
for some reason. [17:24] arildbif you rename your vendor folder, and try again...does it still work? [17:24] chibaguytry to run tiki? or composer? [17:25] jonnybhi arildb - i had that error a couple of times in trunk when i was updating the packages and got a couple of things wrong, but i thought i'd sorted it out [17:25] arildbcomposer...I run: php tempcomposer.phar update [17:26] jonnybupdate is for if you have added or changed things in composer.json [17:26] arildbit fails after I rename the folder. So, a set of vendor files seems to be required for composer to run properly [17:26] jonnybyou probably want to use install [17:26] arildbjonnyb: ah...yes [17:26] jonnybbut it still shouldn't give that error [17:27] chibaguyI just cd to the branch's directory and "composer install" [17:27] arildbinstall works [17:27] chibaguycompose runs without the vendor directory and files - that's how the installation gets them, as I understand it. [17:27] jonnybit's probably best to use setup.sh as that will do a selfupdate too on composer [17:27] arildbsetup.sh doesn't run on Windows [17:28] chibaguybbl [17:28] jonnybew, sorry - yes (it propbably could be converted to a .bat script i guess)
bye chibaguy [17:28] arildbanyhow problem solved. Thanks jonnyb [17:29] jonnybsuper
for future reference use: "php temp/composer.phar selfupdate" then "php temp/composer.phar install" [17:29] arildbyes, I run self update...composer warns when it's old [17:30] Jyhem_laptoppolom [17:41] jonnybhi Jyhem_laptop [17:41] Jyhem_laptopI have a "ajax error" message in a Tiki 12 site when editing (instead of the page content) Does that ring a belle ?
hi jonnyb [17:41] jonnybwysiwyg page? [17:42] Jyhem_laptopyes
Ahaaa, the reference website shows the same page as Tiki syntax :-) [17:42] XGuardenI dont find where to change search engine for my wiki lol [17:44] Jyhem_laptopXGuarden: /tiki-admin.php?page=search
Jyhem_laptop was there :) [17:45] XGuardenI cant use search option..
I dont find search option
get error 404
I get everywhere error Search functionality currently unavailable. [17:49] Jyhem_laptopHmm the reference site also has wysiwyg enabled. I just can't start this page in tiki syntax, or swith to tiki syntax [17:53] XGuardenI found it
I activated sql full search and it's totally irrelevent result, why? [17:57] Jyhem_laptopjonnyb: yes, it only happens on wysiwyg, I worked around it by activating "Reopen with the same editor (wysiwyg memo)". Was that something you fixed after 12.1svn ?
irrelevant? [18:01] jonnybJyhem_laptop: i don't know why "Reopen with the same editor" is an option, doesn't make any sense not to do that always imho [18:02] Jyhem_laptopWell, it opens in Wiki syntax, which shows the page content instead of "ajax error", so I rather like it right now!
Ohh, sorry, missed you point. Total agreement
the "ajax error" might be due to the fact that when I switch to wysiwyg edition, I get a "Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /www/htdocs/w011a88b/jiamcatt/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_tracker.php on line 615"
so it might be specific to pages with faulty syntax [18:05] jonnybis that page partiicularly complex or large? sometimes it can timeout of make one the filters break
ok, sounds like that's it maybe
tracker plugin pages don't work very well in wysiwyg [18:07] Jyhem_laptopnot really long. Plenty of plugins LANGx3, BOX, TRACKER with basillion fields: {TRACKER(trackerId=29,fields=468:469:470:471:472:473:474:475:476:477:478:479:480:481:482:483:484:485:486:487:488:489:490:491:492:493:494:495:496:497:498:510:511,view=page,list_mode=n,url="tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=29&itemId")}{TRACKER}
Well, at least it runs as well as Olaf's reference site, so it would allow me to close one contract after I get the other issues [18:09] jonnybbound to end in tears ;) [18:11] Jyhem_laptopmaybe… [18:13] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Tiki14 release process - Tiki website update - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55050 [18:17] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [18:24] wolfgangaHas anyone tried chosen on trackerinput with dynamic-item-lists?
The comboboxes are 27px width..
regular boxes have: width: 568px; [18:38] .... (idle for 19mn)jonnyb are you there
? [18:59] jonnybhi wolfganga [18:59] wolfgangajonnyb - i have my fix ready to commit for dynamic-list-items. But i do not know how to get it to 14.x
do i need to do a second checkout for 14.x? [19:00] jonnybhow do you mean?
yes, each branch has to be checked out separately with svn [19:01] wolfgangai mean, i can commit to trunk, but i do not know how to commit to another branch [19:01] jonnybthen (i usually) save a patch from trunk and apply it to 14.x
if you commit to trunk it won't be in 14.x releases but will be in 15.0 etc [19:02] wolfgangaIf i do a checkout for 14.x - then commit from there - that shoudl work?
So i have two checkouts - trunk and 14.x [19:04] jonnybyup, that's it
i have about 10 tiki branches lying around :) [19:05] wolfgangaWow - thats a lot ^^ [19:05] jonnybthat's definitely one of the benefits of git
think i could delete branches/4.x now :) [19:05] wolfgangaYes we use git here as well. But for tiki - i have a single checkout on trunk
ok - i will do a 2nd checkout and go from there [19:06] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [19:08] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54133 10branches/14.x/lib/jquery_tiki/elfinder/elFinderVolumeTikiFiles.class.php
[FIX] elFinder: elFinder uses mime-types like application/vnd.ms-word for MS Word documents, but we use application/msword etc in tiki (for some obscure reason) so change them to match so search indexing etc works [19:12] .... (idle for 15mn)Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Tiki 14 theme management documentation - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55053 [19:27] ............. (idle for 1h3mn)Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [20:30] ........... (idle for 51mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [21:21] ......... (idle for 40mn)joined #tikiwiki [22:01] .............. (idle for 1h7mn)Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Tiki 14 theme management documentation - https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55053
New Forum Posts: Tiki14 release process - Tiki website update - https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55050
New Forum Posts: Traducir edicion de Wiki Link - https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=15&comments_parentId=55049 [23:08] New Forum Posts: Tiki 14 theme management documentation - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55053
New Forum Posts: Tiki14 release process - Tiki website update - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55050
New Forum Posts: Traducir edicion de Wiki Link - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=15&comments_parentId=55049 [23:18]
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