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Is "remember me" at dev.tiki.org, etc. working for other people? It isn't for me, it seems. [03:29] ......... (idle for 43mn)Tiki|botRecent Bug: - http://dev.tiki.org/item5577 [04:13] ........ (idle for 39mn)New Forum Posts: About the superfish menu dropdowns - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55114 [04:52] .................................... (idle for 2h56mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [07:48] Tiki|botRecent Bug: - http://dev.tiki.org/item5578 [07:54] ............... (idle for 1h12mn)Tiki-KGB03walper r54220 10(5 files in 4 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/14.x 54212 to 54219 [09:06] .... (idle for 16mn)03walper r54221 10branches/14.x/_htaccess
[bp/r54147][ENH] Slightly optimized htaccess following googles cache directive advise. Disabled cache-control in favour of expires. Separate modified since definitions for js/css and images.
03walper r54222 10branches/14.x/doc/devtools/svntools.php
[bp/r54148][FIX] Fixed developer svn tools like svnbranchupdate to work on windows.
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[bp/r54209][FIX] Dynamic item list select gadget is too narrow. (Thanks anbumania) [09:22] 03walper r54225 10branches/14.x/templates/trackerinput/url.tpl * [bp/r54210][FIX] URL text gadget is too narrow. (Thanks anbumania)
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Hello [09:59] redflojoined #tikiwiki [10:00] wolfgangachibaguy - are you there? [10:00] chibaguyhi wolfganga [10:01] wolfgangachibaguy - do you know where all the js and css files are included? Those that apppear later on as script tags or style tags in the html?
i found things like: TikiLib::lib('header')->add_jsfile('lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-toolbars.js'); [10:03] chibaguyhmm, maybe lib/setup/ [10:04] wolfgangaok
another one: do you know wether there is a central log function - where you can log things like errors etc.? [10:06] chibaguyI don't know really. I mainly deal with CSS and a little with the .tpl files. [10:07] wolfgangano problem -. thank you anyway [10:09] chibaguysure [10:09] .............. (idle for 1h8mn)wolfganga_joined #tikiwiki [11:17] ....... (idle for 32mn)Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [11:49] luciashhi [11:51] gezzajoined #tikiwiki [11:51] luciashchibaguy: it remembers me from yesterday still on doc.t.o but I did not close the browser since then [11:52] wolfganga_hi
Hi has anyone tried the prefs: tiki_minify_css, tiki_minify_css_single_file tiki_minify_javascript, tiki_minify_late_js_files ?
Looks like a really great feature bc it would reduce the 50+ requests per page.
But it seems to not 100% working, css gets screwed up, and need to manually delete the cachec files in temp after, because the ui is no longer usable [11:57] Jyhem_laptoppolom [12:02] wolfganga_hi [12:02] chibaguyhi luciash. Ok. I've been closing the browser, and it doesn't remember me.
(I think all the Tiki sites)
wolfganga_, the minify prefs generally have worked but I haven't tried recently. [12:03] wolfganga_the js script part seems toi be ok, the css stuff fails
maybe something with @import vs @import url
it would be REALLY great if that would work again, it would reduce the number of requests a lot!
worse: if you enable the css the site is no longer eally usable. need to rest the prefs in the db AND need to deelete the temp folder [12:05] Jyhem_laptopHmm, Tiki14 does not allow comments on pages which have commas in their name :-(
That already is broken in Tiki12, but in a different way. [12:21] ........ (idle for 36mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [12:57] gezzawolfganga_: minifying css files separately seems ok, the issue comes only when I enable minify css into single file, is it the same to you? [13:03] .... (idle for 17mn)fabriciuswolfganga_: Hi Wolfgang [13:20] wolfganga_gezza - just testing
and already made some improvements for javascript
hello fabricius
nice - just 2 js calls - could add it to one - but not sure if it would break something in case minify fails.
but 2 are better than 20 [13:21] fabriciusmaybe chatting in the evening? did start to document the stuff yesterday (see email) I do not think, I need long explanations, but maybe some pointer here and there wolfganga_ [13:23] wolfganga_gezza - i will commit right away - so you already have those changes
thorsten - about what - the new DIL? [13:24] jonnybpolom
wolfganga_: i was looking at the unicode/encoding problem with tracker popups, you know that's nothing to do with ajax? [13:32] wolfganga_No i do not. I just noticed it in that area [13:34] Tiki-KGB03walper r54227 10branches/14.x/lib/headerlib.php
[FIX] Javascript compression did not include certain js files tagged as depandancy. See prefs: tiki_minify_javascript, tiki_minify_late_js_files [13:34] jonnybit's done with a title attribute (or something) on the a element [13:34] wolfganga_i saw it in trackerpopups and in the xhr response from the ajax service handler
with a title attribut? that sounds - strange ;-) [13:34] jonnybalso i would be very wary in changing the js minify stuff in stable
sorry, used to be a title in the bad old days, uses a data attribute now [13:35] Tiki-KGB03walper r54228 10trunk/lib/headerlib.php 10trunk * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/14.x 54225 to 54227 [13:36] jonnybdata-content
also i saw you backported a ENH commit to 14.x - you know these are not allowed before 14.0 is released? [13:36] wolfganga_the js patch i just commited does not break anything - i promise. [13:37] jonnybdependancy js files were created specially for files that broke minifying [13:38] wolfganga_no i did not know [13:38] jonnybplease read https://dev.tiki.org/Where+to+commit [13:38] wolfganga_ok will read that
as for the minify - i added failsafe
so if dependancys fail , they will be added explicit on top [13:38] jonnybpersonally i wouln't have touched that in the stable branch while in a freeze - it's always been a delicate mechanism and not critical for releasing 14.0 imho
so if it's broken something you'll have to fix it, ok? ;) [13:40] fabriciuswolfganga_: yes, the DIL and vi/ei_tpl [13:40] wolfganga_ok i see
so really only fixex?
gezza - are you there? [13:41] jonnybyes, the priority is to release 14.0 as soon as possible with as few bugs as possible, there is already a large list of "blocker" bugs that need fixing, so changing stuff that works adequately and adding new enhancements should go in trunk and wait for 15.x or be backported to 14.x after the release of 14.0 [13:43] wolfganga_fabricius - yes will be ok [13:43] gezzawolfganga_: yes, i'am back now [13:44] wolfganga_just commited a small patch - maybe you want to update - so we are in sync. [13:44] gezzaok, but that is for js files, not css [13:46] wolfganga_gezza i confirm: miniy css is ok, put it in single file breaks
i would consider this a blocker as well, because if one enables this option he/she has to manually mofify the pref in the db as well as to manually clean the temp folder
yse i did the js files first. [13:46] gezzayou can click back to disable it [13:47] Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [13:48] gezzathere is a warning next to the pref about that it might not work [13:48] wolfganga_yes back works - just two times reload did not for ... ;-)
can you see why it breaks? [13:51] gezzait would be better of course if it worked :) [13:52] wolfganga_concatation should not break css files
if it would work - we are doen to 12 reauests from 54+
(including teh js stuff) [13:52] gezzathe warning says: "This setting may not work out of the box for all styles. import needs to use @import url("...") and not @import "..." [13:53] wolfganga_i did read that and already search for @import in css files [13:54] gezzaso first would need to review the less and css fikes
files [13:54] wolfganga_yes [13:54] gezzachibaguy could give a hint maybe [13:54] chibaguyMost of the imports are in .less files before compiling, to produce one .css file. [13:56] wolfganga_jonnyb - coming back to the utf8 - data attribute. Have you found seomthing? [13:57] jonnybjust looking now... trying to remember how it works ;)
think it comes from Tracker_Field_Abstract::renderPopup [13:57] wolfganga_yes there it comes from - but: [13:58] chibaguySo there is one tiki_base.css and one theme style sheet. These shouldn't contain any import statements (except for web fonts). [13:58] wolfganga_a patch there would not explain the scrambled response in the xhr call - wouldn't it? [13:58] gezzahmm, just tried Amelia theme
it seems ok [13:59] jonnybwhich xhr call? i don't see one [14:00] gezzaminified into single file [14:00] wolfganga_in my email to the dev list
i made a sample
that was the xhr call created by the itemlink box [14:00] gezzafivealive also ok, but there is an issue with the default theme
the default theme has only one line: @import url(../../../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css); [14:01] jonnybwolfganga_: are you talking about the item titles on tiki-view_tracker.php? [14:02] wolfganga_jonnyb: sorry for being confsuing. to be more clear: the "umlaut" issue shows up on the trackerpopup. [14:03] jonnybi see it on tiki-view_tracker.php - are you talking about somewhere else? [14:03] wolfganga_and i also noticed that the xhr call initiated by the itemlink field, also return that "umlaut" issue, at least in the response.
But, this might be ok there -
i just noticed this - and that was what the email said. [14:04] jonnybbut which page are you talking about? [14:04] wolfganga_no page . [14:04] jonnybno url? :O
your mail refers to "the popup window in tracker" but i'm not clear what you mean by that [14:05] wolfganga_i did not talk about a page. The url in my email is the one from the xhr call initiated by an itemlink field. no page
the call that asks the ajax service handler [14:05] jonnybi don't understand, in my experience all xhr requests get called from javascript on a certain page - you'vbe lost me i'm afraid [14:06] wolfganga_so it setup a itemlink field and looked to teh request in chrome debugger - thats all [14:07] jonnybi'll just try and fix the issue i can see on tiki-view_tracker.php
ok, but i see the same problem on the "popup" on the items list too... [14:07] wolfganga_teh xhr call gets initiated from js - that is correct. and that js is triggered from an itemlink field in edit modus.
so if you edit a trackeritem that has an itemlink field, it will trigger that xhr call. ;-)
yes [14:08] chibaguyThe "default" theme is actually bootstrap.css, so it's just imported. I can make a bootstrap clone with Less to avoid the import statement, if necessary. The imports will happen pre-compiling. [14:09] wolfganga_chibaguy - seems that will fix it [14:10] chibaguyok. I'll do that. [14:10] wolfganga_gezza - well spotted [14:11] jonnybwolfganga_: for me ItemLink seems ok, but my xhr request goes to tiki-search-lookup?maxRecords=250&format=&filter[type]=trackeritem... etc, not tiki-ajax_services.php
this is from the create item modal on tiki-view_tracker.php [14:14] wolfganga_let me check [14:14] jonnyband accents etc seem to work fine
i made a linked item called "f" and it appears fine [14:14] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Star name for Tiki 14 (was: Tiki 14: branches/14.x created) - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55118 [14:15] wolfganga_This is teh xhr request from my itemlink field:[type]=trackeritem&filter[tracker_id]=6&filter[tracker_status]=o%20OR%20p%20OR%20c&controller=search&action=lookup [14:27] jonnybcurious, odd that's it's different from mine (this is on create new item on tiki-view_tracker.php yes?) [14:27] wolfganga_Its result contains: "title":"Ru00f6ver GmbH"} which displays corrcet as Rver though. [14:27] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54229 10branches/14.x/lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-jquery.js
[FIX] ajax: Fix error display for when jquery.validate feature is disabled. Not ideal but it prevents the js errors and displays an error at the top of the form (jquery.validate enabled is recommended) [14:28] jonnybmaybe it does different things depending what the linked item field type is
so if it displays correctly what is the problem? does it corrupt the data or something? [14:28] wolfganga_my link shows the xhr call to pouplate the itemlink on edit.
its a bit tricky to catch
got the link from tab console in chrome - also enebaled "preservee Logs" [14:28] jonnybah, i see it - tiki-search-lookup is the same as tiki-ajax_services.php?controller=search&action=lookup (i have sefurl enabled)
sorry, same same [14:31] wolfganga_Yes itemlink displays correct - although the encoding in the xhr response look wired. Because i looked wired - i _thought_ that it is somehow related to the popover windows issue.
;-) on the dev system i have sef disabled - sry for confusion. [14:31] jonnybfor me in chrome it looks the same as on the page (i.e. correct utf-8)
anyway, i think it's totally different code so not related (i think...) [14:32] wolfganga_strange - i copy pasted the output ....
i guess you are right
if we face search issues with utf8 then i will rembeber this - maybe
jonnyb can you fix the popoupwindow then? [14:32] jonnybback on it, i think i'm near to a fix [14:34] wolfganga_thank you [14:34] Tiki-KGB03chibaguy r54230 10branches/ 0314.x/themes/default/less/default.less 1014.x/themes/default/css/default.css
[FIX] Import Bootstrap component .less files in default.less, to avoid import statement in default.css. [14:38] jonnybseems to be the json_encode at lib/smarty_tiki/function.popup.php:106 that's doing it
cool, just adding JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE seems to do it :) [14:38] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54231 10branches/14.x/lib/smarty_tiki/function.popup.php
[FIX] popups: Don't escape unicode characters in popups (as seen in tracker popups for instance, thanks Wolfgang) [14:42] jonnybchibaguy: (hi!) are you aware of the @import (reference) thing for less? i was thinking it might be useful in my trouble with those gradients (which i still haven't solved) but might be handy generally
http://lesscss.org/features/#import-options [14:42] chibaguyHi jonnyb. [14:43] jonnybhi :) [14:43] wolfganga_thanks jonnyn will try it right away [14:44] jonnybi tihnk it means you can sort of include a file so phpstorm (or whatever) can interpret the syntax properly but when it compiles it ignores the import
thought it might be handy?
thanks wolfganga_ [14:44] chibaguyyes, looks interesting. I haven't tried it yet. [14:45] jonnybstill stuck not being able to compile the tiki themes from less :(
anyway, have to pop out now, bbl [14:46] wolfganga_jonnyb - can i takeover the change to trunk?
takeover = merge [14:47] jonnybi'll do it, 1 mo... [14:47] wolfganga_ok [14:47] jonnybon it's way :) [14:49] wolfganga_^^ [14:49] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54232 10(5 files in 5 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/14.x 54227 to 54231 [14:50] wolfganga_gezza, chibguy - it still does not work with "minify css in one file"
either there is something missing or it is screwed up during minification [14:53] gezzai tried an it worked for me
clear cache, log out and log in again [14:54] wolfganga_i use the default theme (wich is default bottstrap)
ok will do (had cleard cache but not looged out) [14:54] jonnybok, back later... [14:56] Tiki-KGB03anbumania r54233 10branches/14.x/lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-jquery.js * [FIX]Add Field and Edit Advanced Option not working Help [15:06] Jyhem_laptoprepolom
how can I include a Tiki plugin inside a smarty template ? [15:13] chibaguy_joined #tikiwiki [15:16] Jyhem_laptoplike {bloglist Id=1} [15:16] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [15:21] wolfganga_gezza it stil not works for me, do i need to rebuiold css after svn update? [15:23] gezzatry switching to another theme than switch back to default [15:24] chibaguy_wolfganga_, the css files are intact already, as files in subversion. [15:24] gezzait works for me fine
chibaguy, is it wokring for you too? [15:25] chibaguy_minify css? I'll try. [15:25] wolfganga_chibaguy yes i think so too, because without css_single_file, it works [15:25] chibaguy_yes, it works as separate files for me - 8 files. [15:27] wolfganga_and does it work in a single file? [15:28] chibaguy_Yes, I just tested with FiveAlive-lite.css and a theme option. [15:29] wolfganga_i changed to tthem fivealite - now nothing is working
blank [15:29] chibaguy_hmm
the minified file is 254KB ;-) but anyway is just one file. :-) [15:30] wolfganga_the true enhancement is the numer of request.
my tiki is dead - after i changed to fivealite [15:32] Jyhem_laptopfound it: {wikiplugin _name=bloglist Id="1" Items="5" …}{/wikiplugin} [15:33] wolfganga_chibaguy - does it work you with one css file? [15:34] chibaguy_Yes.
Oh do you mean to minify as one file?
That works. [15:34] wolfganga_yes that is what i menat [15:35] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [15:35] wolfganga_remoevd cache (temp) tiki is back there
but single file css still does not work... [15:36] chibaguy_Do you have to change the preference in the database, to get the site back?
Ah, it's back. [15:38] wolfganga_yes changed theme back to defgault and removed files from temp [15:38] chibaguy_hmm, I wonder what the difference is in the sites, that one-file minify is successful or not [15:39] wolfganga_me to - i use trunk here - but the dev stuff is currently windows [15:40] arildb_joined #tikiwiki [15:41] wolfganga_Hey i found this one@import url(/tiki/code/themes/default/css/../../../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css);
that should not be there after the svn update ? [15:42] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54234 10branches/14.x/lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-jquery.js
[FIX] modals: Param options still needs initialising if not supplied, the problem here was a missing | char making it a bitwise or, not a comparison (my fault, sorry, reverts and fixes r54233) [15:44] wolfganga_chibaguy - should there be a bootstrap.min.css after your patch? [15:44] chibaguy_No. [15:44] wolfganga_Can pls check that when you disable single file, that there is no bootstrap.min.css loaded? [15:45] chibaguy_ok [15:46] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [15:49] chibaguy_There's no bootstrap.min.css. Just "default.css" (137KB, so the full bootstrap.css file) [15:50] wolfganga_ok [15:50] chibaguy_that import was replaced by my commit r54230, or should have been. [15:51] wolfganga_Seesm that i have a differnt problem, just getting a blankpage again - this time using theme default -. something strange happens here [15:52] gezzachibaguy: we chatted before about that margin issue in the login box for "I forgot my password" (the text gets cut off)
can I just remove this rule from tiki_base: .tiki .dropdown-menu li:last-of-type, .menuSection ul li:last-of-type {margin-bottom: -5px;}
or is it needed elsewhere?
maybe you see consequences [15:59] chibaguy_gezza, yes, the rule is needed for menus. I'll make a special case for the login box, if you like. [16:04] gezzathat would be great, thanks [16:05] ...... (idle for 27mn)Tiki-KGB03anbumania r54235 10branches/14.x/lib/smarty_tiki/function.bootstrap_modal.php * [FIX] Edit popups should be modal (specifically Edit Tracker Item) [16:32] ...... (idle for 26mn)Tiki|botRecent Bug: - http://dev.tiki.org/item5579 [16:58] ........ (idle for 37mn)wolfganga_Found my whihte screen issue
teh minifyer for css has an issue when runniung against default.css on windows
sepcifically the preg_replace callback
as a workaorund i comennted that part out.
what to do? i guess that is a third party thing
/tiki/code/vendor_extra/pear/Minify/CSS/Compressor.php [around line: 115] - $css = preg_replace_callback('/ [17:35] jonnybwolfganga_: maybe check if there's an update to that PEAR stuff? [17:40] wolfganga_besides that issue - loadtime now quite good - down to 11 requests from 50+
should put this also on live - huge difference [17:42] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r54236 10branches/ 0312.x/templates/activity/tiki.wiki.update.tpl 1012.x 1012.x/lib/core/Search/Query/WikiBuilder.php 0312.x/templates/activity/tiki.wiki.create.tpl * [bp/r49455][MOD] Add support for notification streams in LIST-like plugins [17:46] wolfganga_jonnyb the latest version has no change in the area of the issue [17:48] jonnybshame, i tihnk those pear libs are pretty much abandoned these days :(
maybe that css file casues an out of memory preg error - these can be checked for [17:49] wolfganga_yes i think so, too
anyway plan-b starts
i can comment the stuff in the pearlib - works. problem: it the lib gets updated that change is lost
or - that is what i try now: wrap the call in a try catch handler [17:49] jonnybyes, it's hard to upstream stuff to pear too
if it's a http://php.net/manual/en/function.preg-last-error.php a try/catch won't get it i think
probably easier to reformat the offending css file probably [17:51] wolfganga_ist the bootstrap stuff....
the new default.css [17:53] jonnybit has a 387 character line, that's not nice [17:55] wolfganga_i guess bc it is already minified [17:55] jonnybit's huge as well, surely that's a repeat of all the bootstrap and icons css? [17:56] wolfganga_yes - was needed to get the single css thing workin [17:57] jonnybok, fair enough [18:02] .... (idle for 19mn)dhzjoined #tikiwiki [18:21] wolfganga_i cannot catch the error in the preg_replace callback of minyfy css - tried exception and set_error_handler.
both do not catch them - sees a really fatal php error
seems [18:29] jonnybew, not nice
does it get into the callback fn at all? [18:30] wolfganga_set_error_handler('myHandler'); $minified = @Minify_CSS::minify($content, array('prependRelativePath' => $currentdir.'/', 'bubbleCssImports' => true)); restore_error_handler();
php simly dies
handler is defined upfront: if (!function_exists('myHandler')) { function myHandler($ec, $et, $ef, $el) {
jonnyb - as i said - i can patch the vendor lib - and it works. Problem will be next update.... [18:30] jonnyblooking at vendor_extra/pear/Minify/CSS/Compressor.php now [18:33] wolfganga_its failing thewre: line 114 // remove ws in selectors $css = preg_replace_callback('/
aeemsa to be an issue in unsing php in windows - since chiba and gezzo have no issues [18:34] jonnybtesting here (on Mac os) [18:35] wolfganga_will be away for the next 50min.... [18:35] jonnybme too, see you later
hmm, seems fine on mac os php 5.5.22
bbl [18:35] gillesjoined #tikiwiki [18:42] GillesMjoined #tikiwiki [18:44] ....... (idle for 33mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [19:17] ........ (idle for 39mn)panamausjoined #tikiwiki [19:56] ............... (idle for 1h10mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [21:06] Jyhemjoined #tikiwiki [21:17] joined #tikiwiki [21:22] joined #tikiwiki [21:30] ......... (idle for 44mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [22:14] .............. (idle for 1h9mn)redflojoined #tikiwiki [23:23] ...... (idle for 28mn)Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [23:51] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: FYI - PHP 5.5.1 fails on minifiyng default.css - PHP 5.5.19 is ok - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=55126 [23:59]
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