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New Forum Posts: Question about tracker item list heading text - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=56164 [04:42] ....................................................... (idle for 4h31mn)chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki [09:13] ...... (idle for 28mn)polom [09:41] Tiki-KGB03chibaguy r55384 10branches/ 10(15 files in 13 dirs)
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Hi guys, I have a problem, admin at my tikiwiki cannot delete users (after confirmation nothing happens). Did you encouter something like this? [13:42] .... (idle for 18mn)arildb_joined #tikiwiki [14:00] arildb__joined #tikiwiki [14:01] KamerunkgHi guys, I have a problem, admin at my tikiwiki cannot delete users (after confirmation nothing happens). Did you encouter something like this? [14:03] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [14:04] .... (idle for 17mn)Kamerunkg: I haven't experienced such an error. Which version are you using? ...are you logged in as an admin? [14:21] Kamerunkgarildb: I'm using 14. Yeah, I'm logged in as an admin.
I tried adding users to different groups, I tried making new users with admin privilages, no luck so far [14:29] arildbKamerunkg: Tiki14 is still in beta. If you have the latest version, maybe you should try to reproduce the problem in a show instance [14:30] KamerunkgHow can I do that? [14:30] arildbgo to dev.tiki.org and create a bug report. You can then create a show instance.
If this is a problem with Tiki14, it must be solved before the release [14:32] chibaguyHi guys. I confirmed that this is a bug, anyway in my localhost Tiki 14. [14:32] arildbright [14:33] chibaguyI get the whole dialog, but then the deleted user is still in the list. [14:33] Kamerunkgtoo bad... so there is no solution for now?
I have to get it up and running by tomorrow, any ideas how I can disable users in any other way? [14:34] arildbKamerunkg: Do you have database access? [14:36] Kamerunkgno, sadly i don't
well, I don't need to delete them, just to prevent them form viewing the content [14:36] arildbarildb checking the delete user bug
I added a new user and deleted it. All ok [14:39] chibaguyhmm
what browser? [14:40] arildbChrome on IIS
sorry Firefox [14:40] Kamerunkgtried chrome and firefox [14:41] chibaguyjust asking because of the javascript involved [14:41] arildbA show instance will make it easier to analyse the problem
joined #tikiwiki [14:42] chibaguyHeh, in my test site, the user I wanted to delete no longer has a delete icon (x) to click. Not only survived but became stronger. ;-) [14:45] Kamerunkgwell, I never had it in the first place
i do it via the wrench icon [14:45] chibaguyoh, yeah, that just worked for me too. [14:46] arildbyes, I used the wrench icon, too [14:46] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [14:46] Kamerunkgyou mean that you were able to delete that user? [14:46] arildbKamerunkg: My Tiki14 is the latest version. Is yours? [14:47] Kamerunkghow can i check the exact version? [14:48] arildbgo to the control panels / General ..... if you are using SVN. My version is REV 55388 (InnoDB)
I see my database is not up to date. ...updating [14:50] chibaguyFor me, the "x" doesn't work, but "Delete" in the wrench icon popup works.
(using an old opera version, even) [14:50] arildbWe seem to be getting different results. A show instance would be good [14:51] Kamerunkgwell, I see only "Tiki version: 14.0beta (MyISAM)" [14:53] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [14:53] arildbI updated the database and user removal works fine [14:53] Kamerunkgcan I do it without loosing the data? [14:54] arildbKamerunkg: So, you don't have the svn version [14:54] Telesight1joined #tikiwiki [14:54] arildbI think there should be a nightly build somewhere.... Do you have server access, so you acn update the installation? [14:55] KamerunkgI don't have direct access to database, but I have ftp access to the server. Is it enough? [14:56] arildbTo update the files, yes
Once the files are updated, Tiki will prompt you to update the database (in the control panel)...are you able to run the installer?
you should be if you can access the files [14:56] Kamerunkgso i just need to overwrite the files with the nightly build? [14:59] arildbyes, you can try that...make sure iut's the Tiki14 nightly build [15:00] Kamerunkgco these builds are here? http://dev.tiki.org/Daily+Build [15:02] arildbseems to be. I have never used them [15:03] Kamerunkgsorry for a lot of questions, I'm new to this [15:03] arildbnp [15:04] KamerunkgI'll let you know how it went
Thank you for your help [15:06] arildb:) ... did it work? [15:09] KamerunkgI'm uploading the files right now, it will take a while :) [15:10] ......... (idle for 44mn)Tiki|botjoined #tikiwiki
Recent Bug: - http://dev.tiki.org/item5663
New Forum Posts: Tiki14 r55388 Error on DB update - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=56180 [15:54] ..... (idle for 22mn)Tiki-KGB03chibaguy r55389 10branches/14.x/themes/jqui/ 03options/excitebike/less/tiki-selector-variables.less 03options/excitebike/less/excitebike.less 10options/excitebike/css/excitebike.css 03options/excitebike/less/bootstrap-variables.less
[FIX] [NEW] Use Less files for Excitebike option for jQui and update CSS. To do: topbar superfish menu arrows and child link color. [16:16] ....... (idle for 32mn)03chibaguy r55390 10branches/14.x/themes/jqui/ 10options/excitebike/less/excitebike.less 10options/excitebike/css/excitebike.css * [FIX] Correction in the CSS file comment. [16:48] Kamerunkgarildb: Ok, I did what you recommended. Didn't help. [16:52] arildbhm-m
I suggest you file a bug report and a show instance to explain the bug
byw. did you clear the cache? [16:52] Kamerunkgyeah, after first failed try of deleting the user [16:55] arildbok [16:55] Kamerunkgdo you think i can add a group of users and throw in the ones i want to delete, then give this group a separate homepage and block access to other content? [16:57] arildbthe permission model dows not allow removing of privileges. It depends on the permission model you are using. If they (and others) are common "registered" users they can still access the content by typing in the "old" url
can you alter the passwords? [16:59] Kamerunkgyeah, it should work, simple as that :)
anyway, it's just a worst case scenario [17:01] arildbgood luck [17:01] Kamerunkgi had problems with previous versions, and this one works best of them all, so i have to stick with 14
one again, thank you for your time and help
i hope some update will fix my problems [17:02] arildb:) .... Filing a bug report + creating a show instance greatly increases the chances of a fix [17:03] Kamerunkgok, I'll try to do it asap ;) [17:03] arildbthanks [17:03] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [17:04] Kamerunkgoh, I tried one more thing and it worked [17:05] arildbwhat did you do? [17:05] Kamerunkgi didn't use the wrench icon, but the drop down menu on the bottom [17:05] arildbright :) [17:05] Kamerunkgfunny thing but it worked :) [17:06] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r55391 10(40 files in 22 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/14.x 55371 to 55390 [17:12] ........ (idle for 38mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [17:50] ......... (idle for 42mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [18:32] ......... (idle for 44mn)Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: problem with File Gallery quota setting: all versions back to at least Tiki12 - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=56186 [19:16] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [19:25] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [19:32] Tiki-KGB03eromneg r55392 10branches/ 1014.x/templates/edit_file_gallery.tpl 1014.x/tiki-list_file_gallery.php 1014.x/lib/filegals/filegallib.php
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