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Hi there!
I have one question: We want to use LDAP Authentication in our Tiki, but our Sys-Admin needs to know first: Is Tiki altering the LDAP in any way? Does it change Users/Roles/Groups or such things? We want a Read-only integration of Tiki! [10:53] ametteHi pbiendl - that is configurable in Tiki and by default it does not change anything.
There are options like "Create user/group in directory, if it does not exist", that's all iirc. [11:08] pbiendlAh ok, just wanted to mention that option :) So this is the only thing that needs to stay deactivated?
In LDAP external Groups there is some sort "Sync Tiki Groups with a directory", is this read-only too? [11:10] ametteYes, I think so, but haven't used that one yet. [11:11] pbiendlWhat we want to do is: Use the LDAP Groups inside the Tiki (and of course the Users) and set the Permission on the LDAP Groups (but only the imported LDAP Groups). It's important that Tiki doesnt alter our LDAP in any way
With Permission i mean the ACL of Tiki [11:12] ametteThen you should test it first on a dev-copy of your LDAP. [11:12] pbiendlSadly that's not so easy in our Network :-/
thx for you help btw :) [11:13] ametteyw
I heard some rumours about the LDAP sync being currently broken, i.e. not working, I don't mean messing up LDAPs... [11:13] pbiendlI wanted to ask that question in the forums too, but due to the anti-spam-system i need to wait for a admin approval :D [11:15] amette... I am not fully informed on that though... maybe jonnyb can give you more information, when he arrives. [11:15] pbiendlOh ok, this would be great :) [11:16] ametteAh, yeah... we've become quite popular in recent years and spam is a real problem... be patient, it'll be approved soon. [11:16] pbiendlWith LDAP Sync you mean just the Group Sync or also the User Sync?
I know the problem with Spambots... i'm a developer by myself, so i understand this step :) [11:16] ametteThe Group Sync as far as I heard, logging in users works nicely afaik. [11:17] pbiendlJust to clarify (just in case i got something wrong): The "LDAP" Tab is for User-Authentication only and the "LDAP External Groups" is for the LDAP Groups, right? If yes, is there a reason to seperate these two? Whats the disadvantage if i only use the User Authentication without groups?
I mean, i don't want to use LDAP External Goups if i don't have to :-) The only thing i want is that our Users are able to log in with their LDAP Account... (and of course i need to specify what they're allowed to access) [11:19] ametteYes, that's right. There's not really a disadvantage... you don't get LDAP Groups synchronized to Tiki. The seperation into two tabs was a developers choice back then, dunno, maybe it felt more sensible to her to seperate it because the group code was added later on.
If you only need to log in users with their LDAP credentials, then just forget about the group sync. The normal LDAP login works perfectly and you can add users to groups that are stored and managed inside Tiki in the classic way. [11:22] pbiendlOk :) But if the Groups arent synced to Tiki, i have to add new LDAP Users manually to my Tiki Groups, right? [11:23] ametteright [11:23] pbiendlOk perfect :) Currently we are a small agency (about 10 people), should be a possible thing to do to add these to the Tiki Groups :D [11:24] ametteYeah, that's not too cumbersome. Most important is to allow people to use their usual password. [11:25] pbiendlIs there a specific option for that? [11:26] ametteHuh? No, I meant: you want to connect people to LDAP, so that they can use the same password as with every other service that is conected to LDAP. [11:27] pbiendlOh ok, now i know what you mean :)
Yes this is the goal [11:27] ametteright :) [11:27] pbiendlOne last question: Is there a way to change the default Group in which new Users will be stored in?
By default it's the "Registered" Group, but i made a new Group
But if thats not working, i copy the Rights over to the Registered Group [11:28] ametteWhy don't you like "Registered"?
Yes, I think that would be the easiest way. [11:29] pbiendlDon't know, maybe i dont want to change the default Group-Set, so if something went wrong, i still can look into the registered Group to see whats default :) [11:30] ametteMaybe there is a way to configure that, not sure right now... but Registered tells quite exactly what they are (logged in) and all the other groups then stack on top of that.
Ah, ok, that's good thinking. [11:30] pbiendlBut that's not really a Problem.. i just make a Backup or Screenshots and then alter the Registered Group
Thank you for all your help! :) [11:31] ametteYou're welcome! Let us know how it goes. :) [11:35] pbiendlSure :) [11:46] ........................... (idle for 2h11mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [13:57] .............. (idle for 1h6mn)msaadjoined #tikiwiki [15:03] arildbjoined #tikiwiki [15:11] msaadhow can I retrieve my credentials in https://dev.tiki.org/Development ? There is no register nor lost your password anywhere to be found..
Oh, sweet. When I clicked at a random page that needed to be logged in, it showed me a note that I should register at tiki.org.
msaad sight [15:24] .......... (idle for 45mn)fabriciuspolom
hello msaad - still there?
here? [16:12] msaadfabricius: yes :) [16:12] fabriciuswhich credentials of dev.tiki.org do you mean? [16:12] msaadI've figured it out. I'm creating a new wiki page and couldn't get a recover pw or register in dev.tiki.org [16:13] MagicFabjoined #tikiwiki [16:13] msaadI had to go to tiki.org and do it there.
But I only got to know that after a good 10 minutes fiddling around :/ [16:13] fabriciusyes, that is true - registrati on and usermanagement is centralized on tiki.org - the other community sites are Intertiki slaves/clients of the tiki.org master [16:14] msaadDo we hope for new contributors to know that off hand? [16:15] fabriciushow you have been to the idea that you could get credentials or update your credentials on dev.tiki.org - I mean there must be a misscommunication that we should fix and mention stuff like that on appropriate places [16:16] msaadAt least we could put a register / recover pw on the login box redirecting to there
So what happened was, I went straight to dev.tiki.org and tried to login. Couldn't figure out my credentials (was already registered). The login box didn't have an option to recover nor to register. [16:16] fabriciusMaybe an idea to have an optional field or note in the register module / login box to mentione the slave mode and give a link to the master [16:17] msaadSo I tried to view something that needed to be logged in, and from there I had a note telling me that I needed to be logged in and that it should be done at tiki.org [16:17] fabriciusI understand [16:18] msaadyeah, just linking to it should be fine :) [16:18] fabriciuswould you maybe make a wish in the wishlist, please? [16:19] msaadI'll get to the code itself when I finish this page :D
Will be a good first bug for me. [16:19] fabriciusnice
there should be a preference added in admin?page=login for that
maybe a simple textfield that can be optionally added to the loginbox. [16:19] msaadYeah, a pref that includes an <a href> on the login box.
how does that sounds? [16:22] fabriciusmaybe a simple textfield which can include WikiSyntax might be enough (could be used for whatever else if needed)
or a text and a link
mind the css
an appropriate Bootstrap class and maybe an Id [16:23] msaadRight, I'll get back to you when I'm done with this page so we can align on how to do it :) [16:24] fabriciusand not to forget the {tr} ... {/tr} tags to make the text translatable
and mind the still effective downtime of sourceforge - svn seems still not to work for most projects including Tiki
https://info.tiki.org/article235-SourceForge-net-downtime-What-it-means-and-what-happened [16:24] msaadouch! [16:26] fabriciusanyway you could/should try locally first
and please msaad contact jonnyb first wether you commit to 14 and merge to 15 (=trunk) or commit to 15 and merge to 14 or commint to 15 only.
/s/commint/commit [16:29] msaadsure thing, I'll ask around a lot :P [16:30] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [16:34] fabriciusworking again .. off screen .. bbl [16:38] ...... (idle for 29mn)joined #tikiwiki [17:07] arildb_joined #tikiwiki [17:12] nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [17:17] msaadI've been creating a new landing page for dev.tiki.org. Feedback on https://dev.tiki.org/newHome is appreciated.
nelsonko: ^ [17:26] nelsonkomsaad: rather than use the HTML plugin which requires validation approval, how about the DIV plugin and wiki syntax? [17:29] msaadI'm not sure what is the DIV plugin, but about wiki syntax it's hard to position items on specific places, or to have responsive font sizes without using em [17:30] ..... (idle for 21mn)gezzajoined #tikiwiki [17:51] fabriciushi msaad
checking the plugins [17:53] .... (idle for 19mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki
polom (at last)
reading the log - hi fabricius and msaad [18:12] msaadhi :) [18:15] jonnybgood point about the reset password only being on tiki.org - we could add a module or something on the others [18:15] fabriciushi jonnyb [18:15] msaadjonnyb: exactly that :) [18:16] fabriciusmsaad: please check https://dev.tiki.org/newHome and compare first section version with WikiSyntax and version with HTML [18:16] msaadfabricius: will do! [18:16] jonnybit was the page change notifications on that which prompted me to log in (and thank fabricius for wikifying it, that's just what i was thinking!) [18:17] msaadWell.. I ge that.. but then it's one more thing to learn and slow down the process.. [18:18] fabriciusnp jonnyb - just the first section to show msaad how to do the rest ;-) [18:18] jonnybhmm, the wrong login error on dev isn't very nice is it... [18:21] msaadnot at all :( [18:22] jonnybso i tihnk the best things for the "i forgot" login issue on dev etc would be to make the login module clever enough to have the right link (e.g. to https://tiki.org/tiki-remind_password.php) [18:33] msaadwhen using the WikiSyntax, how can I deal with urls that aren't from dev.tiki.org?
it's not recognizing many of them.. [18:34] gezzahi msaad [18:35] jonnybuse [http://example.com|link label] for external links [18:36] gezzayou can use this syntax: [https://tiki.org/tiki-newsletters.php?nlId=6&info=1|Sign up now] [18:36] jonnybhi gezza [18:36] gezzahi jonnyb [18:36] jonnybyou can use the toolbar button (next to the one for wiki page links) [18:37] msaadok.. thanks.. [18:38] Right, moved it to WikiSyntax. What are your thoughts on the content so far jonnyb, gezza, fabricius, nelsonko (and all) ? Do you like how it's flowing, should I keep the informal tone, etc
My idea is to make it easier for newcomers to have access to must read articles / key information at this first page.
I don't want to pollute with information, but at the same time I'll be linking them to different articles as they see fit. [18:46] nelsonko+1 to informal tone [18:48] fabriciusmsaad: for cross tiki community site links you might want to use this syntax: ((doc:Documentation)) to link from dev and other communty sites to page "Documentation" on community site doc.tiki.org [18:48] jonnybhi nelsonko [18:49] fabriciusinformal tone seems good to me from devs to devs ( +1 ) [18:49] MagicFabjoined #tikiwiki [18:49] fabriciushin nelsonko [18:49] msaadfabricius: anything wrong about using [ link | text ] syntax instead? [18:50] fabriciusbut please wikify instead of htmling msaad [18:50] jonnyb+0 for the informal tone i'm afraid - not my cup of tea ;) [18:50] msaadfabricius: it should be already. [18:50] gezzai am experimenting with landing pages here: https://tiki.org/HomePage and here: https://tiki.org/Download [18:50] msaad(I left something behind, removing it). [18:50] gezzamaybe we can try to have somecommon patterns
visually [18:51] jonnybalso the random capitalisation and exclamation marks are a bit... odd (but don't mind me, i'll shut up ;) ) [18:51] nelsonkohi all. btw info.tiki.org articles import works locally, waiting for svn to come back alive before it can work (needed a fix) [18:52] fabricius+1 for some common patterns [18:52] gezzanelsonko great, i would need those articles to finalize the homepage "mockup" [18:52] msaadjonnyb: feedback is welcomed :)
About visual patterns, I'm trying to achieve a nested structure. Am I not achieving it somehow? [18:52] fabriciusmsaad - already an improvement. "problem" in the wiki way: once you start improving, likely more people will appear trying to improve even more ;-) [18:54] gezzamsaad - the content is looking better, i meant the positing and styling of information [18:56] msaadfabricius: I'm happy with that ! [18:56] fabriciusnext msaad: we started with a new tiki.org landing page replacing the odd redirect to info.tiki.org, which eventually will be mirated to tiki.org - and thus the work with the main pages will eventually influence the other commuity sites aswell [18:56] msaadgood to hear that fabricius.
gezza: So, something about the positioning and styling isn't good? Please let me know! [18:57] gezzaalthough i would not put stress on "I Don’t Know What to Do", maybe better to have something more encouraging, like "Here is what you can do!" [18:58] fabriciussee here what we are working on: https://tiki.org/HomePage [18:58] gezzaor something similar
just brainstorming here :) [18:58] fabricius+1 for encouraging style like "Here is what you can do!" [18:58] msaadchanged it to "Contribution Pathways" [19:03] jonnybthe PHP bit is a bit imncomplete - tiki's written in PHP, Smarty and JavaScript (and a hint of XML) - but maybe that confuses things...
but it is "mostly" php (55% according to https://www.openhub.net/p/tikiwiki) [19:03] msaadjonnyb: indeed it does. PHP is the bare minimum to get started. [19:04] gezzamsaad I'am glad you started this! join us tomorrow for the roundtable so we can share ideas [19:04] msaadSure.. I'll be there [19:05] jonnybfabricius: i think we should help gezza with converting https://tiki.org/HomePage to wiki too :) [19:06] fabriciusjust looked over the code and thought to mention that here [19:06] gezzayes, help me! :) [19:06] fabriciusabout 1 minute ago
using together.js [19:06] gezzai could not sort out things the way I wanted using wiki syntax [19:06] fabriciusbuuut is that fix already upgraded? [19:07] jonnybwhich fix fabricius ? [19:07] fabriciusthe together fix from Jonny for edit mode? [19:07] jonnybyes, that's on tiki.org [19:08] fabriciuscool
so: https://tiki.org/tiki-editpage.php?page=HomePage#&togetherjs=djH4pRIIT4
gezza where are you? we are helping you [19:08] ...... (idle for 28mn)chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki [19:40] fabriciushi chibaguy [19:41] chibaguyhi fabricius
Are you guys working on the new homepage? [19:41] fabriciusdid [19:44] chibaguyJust a note about using Bootstrap divs in the wiki area: there shouldn't be any "container" classes there. [19:44] fabriciushave been a few minutes
ah, haven't seen => must say gezza [19:44] chibaguycontainer classes are already specified in the tpl. The hierarchy is container > row > grid class.
I sent gezza an email. Maybe he didn't get it. [19:45] fabriciusthx
rows in the page, container in the tpl [19:46] chibaguyWell, if grid classes are used in the wiki area, they should be in a row div. [19:46] fabriciusyes
row surrounds any 12grid ? [19:47] chibaguyAnd container divs have a width set as they are the content ... containers.
yeah. [19:47] gezzattthey dont necessarly ned a row, you can put a clearfix too [19:48] chibaguyWell, surrounds any if you want to have a nice grid in the text. [19:48] gezzarows are used only in the base layouts
not int he pages [19:48] chibaguymmm, not necessarily. [19:48] gezzaasfaik [19:48] chibaguygezza, did you get an email I sent a few days ago? It had a good reference in a link.. [19:49] gezzahttp://getbootstrap.com/components/#jumbotron
this needs a container [19:49] chibaguynope. [19:50] gezzachibaguy i did not get email, when did you send?
"To make the jumbotron full width, and without rounded corners, place it outside all .containers and instead add a .container within" [19:50] chibaguyis your email at yahoo?
right, that's full width of the viewport.
And not inside other column divs, etc. [19:50] gezzai was trying to get a real full width [19:51] chibaguyI see.
Sorry then. [19:51] gezzabut there is aproblem with perspectives, the option to swithc off ffixed width does not show up in the list of preferences [19:52] chibaguyBut I believe I noticed other container divs in the page. [19:52] msaadleft #tikiwiki [19:53] gezzawould like to achieve full width for backgrounds like here for example: https://www.atlassian.com/
i cant get it done, so any help appreciated :) [19:53] chibaguyIs your email at yahoo ? [19:54] gezzacan you join tomorrow for the webinar?
yes, it is at yahoo [19:54] chibaguyok, I'll try sending it again. Yes, I'll be at the webinar/roundtable. [19:54] gezzai got emails from you before, so itis strange [19:54] chibaguyI sent it again, so maybe this time is ok. [19:57] fabriciusgezza, I guess I broke the HomePage [19:57] chibaguyI think content should be worked out first, without thinking about layout. Anyway, that's the approach I like. I prefer a kind of outline or text-only page. Then apply a layout to that. No need to spend time on layout before the content is pretty solid IMO.
And what is the purpose of the layout? What is the flow through the page, that the viewer is expected to follow? The path, with main points, etc.?
This is one way to make a page coherently without dozens of edits to refine content and layout twisted together.
Anyway, see you tomorrow.
fabricius, the solution there is to rollback, isn't it? [19:58] gezzajoined #tikiwiki [20:03] fabriciusno ... tried ... it seems that someone (luci?) just activated the autotoc ... set off for the page now and sorted [20:03] gezzaseems ok to me
what did you break?
chibaguy did not get your email
i just dropped you one [20:03] chibaguyok, thanks. [20:07] gezzaabout the homepage: well, there needs to be something that can be discussed [20:08] chibaguyI sent again, but I think it's the same address. Here's the link that I mentioned in the email: http://www.helloerik.com/the-subtle-magic-behind-why-the-bootstrap-3-grid-works [20:09] gezzathan we make it better incrementally [20:09] MagicFabjoined #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [20:09] gezzai dont mind if it looks completely different in the end [20:10] chibaguyTrue, it's a wiki so can be edited freely. But I prefer to discuss something that's text since the layout can be a distraction from text ideas. But just my opinion. Anyway it's late here so I'll be back online tomorrow. [20:10] msaadjoined #tikiwiki
left #tikiwiki [20:18] fabriciusgezza: I did NOT break, sorry for false alarm - someone activated autotoc as default, which then has been shown above the big logo including the links to the featured sites. did need a few minutes to figure that out and switched off the autotoc for the page [20:23] ....................... (idle for 1h53mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [22:16] ................. (idle for 1h22mn)Tiki|botjoined #tikiwiki
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