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Fails badly when the label contains formatting, such as icons or images etc and not easy to fix due to $noparsed elements and protected characters.
Note to self: leave the parser alone!
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hi all ! (bonjour) [15:07] nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [15:07] dcpc007i was just told about tikiwiki for a sport club website.
i want to try and install in a local VM to evaluate, and in debian 8
on the web site, the debian install guide seems very old
and 2nd, does anyone knows about a not too expensive tikiwiki hoster in france ? (no budget from the club, and think it's not good for long term use on a home computer) [15:07] .... (idle for 16mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [15:26] ........ (idle for 37mn)fabriciushi dcpc007, please register to tiki.org and post to the forums, for that we can come back to you. I have to go now, but like to answer.
For the french hoster you might want to ask Jyhem. Maybe you want to consder aswell a french language hoster from Canada -> then asl nelsono.
I have a Tiki as a plain installation on a debian based Ubuntu locally without XAMPP
Maybe I can give you a few hints later, but it is quite simple anyway.
Maybe you can mae it even with the old doc. [16:03] dcpc007i'm working o na test on a VM [16:05] ..... (idle for 20mn)chibaguyHere's a puzzle: trying to log in to my localhost (where I have a very simple 7-letter password), I get an error in Chrome: "Unknown password format". This is a tiki 15 site. Any ideas?
Ok, it happens in all browsers.
Hmm, locked out of my own localhost site. [16:25] luciashpolom
hey guys, seems something is wrong with our tiki.org mail server
we (at least me and amette) do not receive any mails from there in the last day or so
we are trying to contact frank now [16:40] dcpc007preconfig done, only php security alert and soem info on apache/php working mode :
https://snag.gy/F7Xch5.jpg [16:43] luciashhi dcpc007 [16:45] chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki [16:46] dcpc007hop disk space problem on my test vm solved (move /var/www/html -> /home/html :) [16:46] luciashhi chibaguy, solved? (try reset password for your admin on localhost directly in db) [16:49] chibaguyhi luciash. The installation that's broken is using a database that I exported from a remote site. I don't know if there's a pref setting that I need to change.
How do you reset the pw in the db? I thought they were encrypted.
I never saw before the error: "Unknown password format" - it showed in three browsers, just a white screen with that text. [16:50] jonnybpolom
chibaguy: i think the unknown format thing might be because you're missing a php extension, like mcrypt [16:55] chibaguymm, ok. It's a new wamp stack version I just started using. [16:57] jonnyband usually when i need to reset a pw in a database i copy the hash value from one i know, but maybe this db is using a different pw technique (there's a pref for that) [16:57] chibaguyphpinfo says "--with-mcrypt=static"
mcrypt seems to be present
These sites have all used the same password configuration, just basic Tiki. [16:58] jonnybhmm, odd - and from a recent version? [17:02] luciashchibaguy or jonnyb: do you receive mails from tiki.org? [17:02] chibaguyYes.
luciash, I get some forum post notifications and the dev tracker notifications. [17:02] amette_polom [17:03] jonnybi think so, luciash
hi amette_ [17:03] chibaguyHi amette_ [17:03] amette_the question needs to be phrased differently: Do you receive e-mails to your @tiki.org addresses?
hi jonnyb and chibaguy :) [17:03] jonnybhmmm, maybe not, last one was two days ago i think [17:04] amette_nextdoc webroot is totally empty, except for index.php... something fails miserably on the full update...
amette_ debugs
jonnyb: ok, cool, that would fit our observations [17:04] luciashchibaguy: https://doc.tiki.org/Lost+admin+password?
ah, right, amette_ - thanks for the correction ;) [17:06] amette_:) [17:07] luciashamette: and thanks for looking into the nextdoc issue! [17:07] amettenp, yw, I think those issues are still leftovers from the reinstall
I am also fixing sync2git (on the same server)... I thought that was fixed, but apparently it also failed. [17:08] luciashaye [17:08] chibaguythanks, luci [17:09] funny, I went through the install pages and never came to a place to change the admin password, unlike what's said on the doc.t.o page.
I know there's a screen to change the pw on the initial installation, but I didn't see it on this attempt. [17:14] luciashtime to update that doc page then ;) [17:15] jonnybchibaguy: how about you reset the admin user email to yours and do a pw reset maybe? (if your localhost mail sending works, if not you could use the debug mail sender mode) [17:18] chibaguyI haven't sent mail from localhost, so will have to look into that.
The tiki has two users, admin and Gary. The admin account I changed the pw, which now doesn't work. The Gary account I didn't change, and it still works.
So the process of changing the pw might have done something weird. I'll make more users and test them. [17:19] ametteIt seems like the daily nextdoc full re-install failed because the backup of the live site wasn't done yet. I changed the crontab entry and a full install is underway right now. We'll have to see tomorrow again. <- luciash [17:20] jonnybthanks amette [17:21] amette:) [17:21] luciashamette: thanks bro [17:22] chibaguyGary is also admin group, so I changed admin's pw at admin's user prefs. But doing this caused a system error" Unknown column 'password' in 'field list'
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back [17:23] luciashchibaguy: that sounds weird [17:29] chibaguyYeah, I'll try it in another localhost tiki (I have a couple that are branch 15)
But I also have to get php recognized in windows cmd to use composer - many little tasks.
have to restart - bbl
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back [17:30] luciashwb :)
chibaguy: this might come handy: sh setup.sh -p "/c/Program Files/PHP/v5.6/php.exe" [17:40] chibaguycomposer is ok now. I just could update the path for php in the windows environment variables. [17:43] luciashchibaguy: change to whatever path you need for setup.sh to recognize your cli php
allright [17:43] chibaguymaybe the site problem is due to some out of date files. [17:44] olinuxxjoined #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [17:47] chibaguyhmm, did an svn up and composer update and still get the system error "Unknown column 'password' in 'field list'"
I'll try to reproduce in another installation. [17:48] amettechibaguy: did you do db:update ?
'php console.php d:u' that is [17:48] chibaguyI went through the tiki install screens and updated that way - was 1 db statement added. [17:49] ametteok [17:50] chibaguybut just used the cli and also got '1 query executed' [17:50] luciashi wonder where is this "field list" db table coming from? [17:50] chibaguyThe following error message was returned:
Unknown column 'password' in 'field list'
The query was:
update `users_users` set `hash`=? ,`password`=? ,`pass_confirm`=?, `provpass`=? where binary `login`=? [17:51] luciashyep, i mean i do not remember we had a table named like that [17:51] chibaguyThe built query was likely:
update `users_users` set `hash`='$1$1S8.ZGEx$yAjwv5wxtOODx17thidGz.' ,`password`='' ,`pass_confirm`='1476287456', `provpass`='' where binary `login`='admin' [17:52] amettemy users_users table has a column named password
can you check in the db, chibaguy ? [17:52] luciashbut what is "field list" then? i thought it is reffering to db table name [17:53] amettethe field list is the stuff after the SET, no!?
field and table are two different things [17:53] chibaguyThere's no 'field list" table, anyway. [17:54] jonnybwhih version tiki is this? tiki 16 doesn't have user_users.password field, but up to 15 does [17:54] ametteUPDATE <table> SET <field1>=?, <field2>=?
"field1, field2" is my field list [17:54] jonnybso sounds like the db was updated on a tiki16 and you're on 15? [17:54] chibaguyit's 15.2 [17:55] ametteno more password field in Tiki 16? [17:55] luciashthe password field was for plain text passwords only, right? [17:55] ametteI thought it's kinda like an unwritten rule to never delete anything from the DB in update scripts?!? :O
luciash: yep, I think so [17:56] luciashjonny's theory sounds right [17:57] chibaguyit's possible db exports/imports got messed up - I did a number of them today. [17:57] jonnybsee pm's [17:58] luciashjonnyb: thanks [17:59] jonnybnp :)
food time here, bbl [17:59] ametteyep, I'm out for today, cya guys [18:02] chibaguyOk, thanks for the info and clues, guys. Time for dog walk and sleep, here. [18:07] ............ (idle for 56mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [19:03] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [19:06] ............................ (idle for 2h16mn)Tiki-KGB03rjsmelo r59965 10trunk/ 10templates/search/rebuild.tpl 10lib/core/Tiki/Command/IndexRebuildCommand.php 10lib/core/Services/Search/Controller.php * [NEW] Report statistics on the index rebuild process [21:22] .............. (idle for 1h8mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [22:30] joined #tikiwiki [22:39] ......... (idle for 42mn)leagrisjoined #tikiwiki [23:21] RadoSjoined #tikiwiki [23:27] dcpc007joined #tikiwiki [23:31] Tiki|botNew Forum Posts: Next Roundtable Meeting: topics (new profiles and profile search) - http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=26&comments_parentId=61484 [23:41]
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