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[FIX] inadvertent sorting of top level wiki pages in the structure edit screen due to recent changes for the toc plugin [10:10] ..... (idle for 21mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [10:31] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [10:32] luciashpolo polo [10:38] ............... (idle for 1h13mn)Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [11:51] ................ (idle for 1h15mn)amettepolom [13:06] jonnybpompom [13:07] luciashheya [13:07] ........ (idle for 36mn)Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [13:43] Jyhem_laptop_joined #tikiwiki [13:43] ..... (idle for 21mn)Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [14:04] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r61356 10trunk/lib/prefs/http.php * [FIX] prefs: Should be mode=block, not mode:block apparently (thanks luciash) [14:16] Jyhem_laptopjoined #tikiwiki [14:22] ametteOk, sunwinds were fitting again today... [14:31] Jyhem_laptop_joined #tikiwiki [14:31] ametteah, jonny's not here [14:31] luciashhmm, sunwinds? [14:32] nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [14:38] ametteluciash: the failing dev/doc backups... they only fail every couple of times... which makes debugging a real pita [14:41] luciashand that might be affected by sunwinds? :) [14:44] ametteSo far that's the best guess, yep. ;) [14:44] luciashlol [14:44] amette:) [14:44] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [14:44] Bsfezhello [14:44] ametteheya Bsfez :) [14:44] luciashhi b [14:45] BsfezHi Lu, Amette [14:45] ametteSaw your e-mail earlier... the next-sites are failing due to the backups failing... haven't read all your e-mail yet.. will do later and answer then. [14:45] Bsfezthanks Amette !
Good you are here :) [14:45] amette:) [14:45] BsfezAt tiki-install.php I see : Schema name
Where we should enter Database Name... Why do we labeled it "Schema Name" ?
<strong>{tr _0=$dbname}Schema name: &quot;%0&quot;{/tr}</strong> [14:46] Jyhem_laptoppolom [14:48] ametteBsfez: no idea, maybe because it the right term to use!? [14:48] BsfezHi Jean Marc [14:49] ametteThe database is the MySQL instance. And what we call "database" every day, that is actually a schema. [14:49] Jyhem_laptopBsfez: yes! Yesterday I was showing the tiki-install.php new create everything database related and I was confused by this scema thing. I assumed the french translation was the issue :) [14:49] ametteYou could put "Database schema name", if that makes it better. [14:50] Jyhem_laptopwell, everywhere else in Tiki it's called the database, so I'd prefer consistency. [14:50] BsfezThis I know and understand and I'm sure that technically it is correct. I think in term of UX/UI it is super not standard :D [14:50] amettethen lets rename it everywhere else ;) [14:50] BsfezI think it is named Database everywhere too...
(scanning) [14:50] ametteyep, I think it might make sense to just call it database... as I said earlier: that's everyday lingo, so probably no harm in being a bit "wrong" here [14:51] Tiki-KGB03luciash r61357 10trunk/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_prefdoc.php * missing svn:keywords Id property [14:52] Bsfezyeah or "Database Name" [14:52] luciashdb schemas are in installer/schema I thought
i agree it sounds confusing [14:53] Jyhem_laptopHmmm, I just checked: phpmyadmin also calls them databases [14:53] Bsfezit is used in 3 .tpl: [14:54] luciashok ok
just rename :) [14:54] Bsfezok ok ok ! :D [14:54] amette*g* [14:55] Bsfez:p [14:56] Jyhem_laptopphpmyadmin does not even call them database names, just databases. Like we do everywhere else in Tiki
except in local.php where it's "dbs_tiki", but let's not change this :)
another thing I noticed with the new db user creation: it gives the new user access from "%" instead of "localhost". This is less secure than the usual hand-made process. [14:56] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [15:00] Jyhem_laptopOf course, this means the installer must check the database location. If it's "localhost" or "" → restrict access [15:00] jonnybrepolom [15:03] ametteMaybe, maybe not... one could have a server cluster and some php processes on the same machine as the database, but some not.
hi jonnyb [15:03] jonnybhi amette and all [15:03] luciashwb jonnyb [15:05] amettejonnyb: I found the place in which the backup fails... monitorlib.php line 295... if that rings any bells or gives you any ideas, then I'll try them... otherwise I now feel confident enough to write everything I know up for Ricardo. [15:05] Tiki-KGB03icc0rz r61358 10branches/ 10experimental/h5p/lib/filegals/h5plib.php 04experimental/h5p/vendor 10experimental/h5p/lib/core/H5P/H5PTiki.php * [FIX] h5p: prevent database errors + variable name fix [15:06] jonnybnicely tracked down amette - that sounds like the culprit, all that activity/monitoring stuff waas never properly finished imho [15:06] amettecheers, thanks
it's weird though.. cause there is not much happening in the case of a backup, I think..!?
and from start of transaction to end of transaction it's not even a second... longer, when I have breakpoints... but even then it often doesn't happen [15:07] jonnybseems odd that on line 275 there is gets the db ok, but then has lost it after those finalHandleEvent calls... [15:09] Jyhem_laptopWoohoo! Congrats amette [15:10] ametteNot completely sure, but I think it doesn't even go into those finalHandleEvent calls, because queue is empty. [15:10] jonnybi wonder if it depends on someone doing something on the site that triggers a notification that makes it fail, which is why it doesn't always happen? [15:10] ametteJyhem_laptop: cheers, but not too much reason for relief yet... now we need to figure out why it happens and fix it. [15:10] jonnybbut the error happens on the "$tx->commit()" line? not inside it? [15:11] amettehmm, to me it looks like happening on that line... it doesn't go into there... maybe I would need some more break points inside the commit() somewhere!? [15:12] Jyhem_laptopIf one has a server cluster, then one should access the database by name? Or at least create the users by hand, not use the newbie-friendly simple installer. [15:12] ametteJyhem_laptop: yep, that is true, but that is making assumptions
we figured in Brussels that it's better not to make too many assumptions and have it "just work" [15:12] Jyhem_laptopOh, definitely an improvement. And it does "just work". But now we can improve security before those security companies come and point this out :)
Jyhem_laptop gets back to Tiki upgrades. [15:15] amettejonnyb: ok, I slapped a break point into the commit function, but might be that I won't get any more information today... the backups work again.. sunwinds seem to have changed meanwhile. [15:16] jonnybyes, it's a tricky one for sure! [15:17] ametteJyhem_laptop: fair enough. Yep, we need to find some way to make it obvious to the user what's happening there... some kind of logic in the background and some remarksbox explaining issues/dangers. Though probably explaining issues to the cluster owner is better than scaring the n00b with the dangers. [15:18] Jyhem_laptopYup. Cluster owners could get all the details from a special wiki page. DB user creation is definitely not the hardest part to get right for clusters :) [15:19] redfloleft #tikiwiki [15:20] Tiki-KGB03icc0rz r61359 03branches/experimental/h5p/vendor * [MRG] Restore accidentally deleted folder?
03jonnybradley r61360 10trunk/lib/user/blacklistlib.php
[FIX] passwords: Storing a copy of the prefs in the library's fields was causing notices after clearing caches as the lib's constructor gets called before prefs are set up, so change to using prefs in the usual way from the $prefs global when they're actually needed. Seems to still work ok.
03jonnybradley r61361 10trunk/templates/admin/admin_navbar.tpl
[FIX] admin: Restore the close button on the dialog regarding ticket timeouts so you can click something else if you need to without reloading the whole page [15:24] Bsfezfnuttt
(translating in hebrew sucks !) :D [15:31] luciash:) [15:33] BsfezLu, I found a few inline style in the installer tpl. Once I complete all translation I try to get ride of them (especially those who are breaking the rtl flow) [15:34] luciashalrighty [15:36] Tiki-KGB03luciash r61362 10trunk/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_html.php
[ENH] PluginHTML: introduce new param tohead to insert the HTML tags to HTML head instead of the content of the page
03luciash r61363 10trunk/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_metatag.php * PluginMetaTag: filter name as text [15:40] Bsfez(still in the installer), I see : <strong>{tr _0=$dbname}Schema name: &quot;%0&quot;{/tr}</strong>
&quot; ? [15:43] luciashit means " as html entity [15:46] Bsfezyes but I thought we use " and not &quot;
beside Tiki 15 installer.tpl = <strong>{tr _0=$dbname}Database name: "%0"{/tr}</strong> [15:47] luciashbut then you might be in trouble in the language.php maybe because the array strings use ""? or need to escape it using " [15:48] Bsfezyes this I understand. But I prefer we stick to a rule. I'll add the " in the translation [15:49] luciashok, test if it works please [15:49] Bsfezsure ! [15:50] luciashtks [15:50] ..... (idle for 22mn)Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r61364 10branches/ 10(14 files in 10 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, trunk 61346 to 61363
03chealer r61365 10trunk/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_html.php
[FIX] tohead parameter description
[REF] Optimize [16:12] ........ (idle for 38mn)03chealer r61366 10trim/src/appinfo/tiki.php
[REF] Clarify
Throw an exception if path is unexpected.
[REF] Optimize [16:52] 03chealer r61367 10trim/src/appinfo/tiki.php * [FIX] removeTemporaryFiles(): Take new (Tiki 17) templates_c/ path into account [17:04] nelsonkoleft #tikiwiki [17:05] .... (idle for 15mn)Tiki-KGB03luciash r61368 10trunk/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_metatag.php
[MOD] PluginMetaTag: added option for the body to specify the meta tag attribute values as simple strings separated by pipe character + optimized code little bit [17:20] ...... (idle for 26mn)03yonixxx r61369 10trunk/ 10tiki-change_password.php 10templates/tiki-change_password.tpl
[TRA] [FIX] Added missing tr tags on placeholders added condition to use bootstrap-rtl if language isRTL
03luciash r61370 10trunk/lib/headerlib.php
[ENH] HeaderLib: metatags - check if the meta name starts with OpenGraph protocol prefix and use property instead of name if true
03jonnybradley r61371 10trunk/ 10(6 files in 5 dirs)
[NEW] webservices: Initial implementation of a new "engine" for webservices to enable data retrieved to be indexed in the search index without needing Tiki Objects such as Tracker Items to represent it.
03eromneg r61372 10branches/16.x/tiki-edit_structure.php
[FIX] [bp61355] fix inadvertent sorting of top level wiki pages in the structure edit screen due to recent changes for the toc plugin
03jonnybradley r61373 10trunk/ 10lib/ointegratelib.php 10admin/include_webservices.php
[FIX] webservices: Refill the template form when previewing and improve error reporting for misconfigured ones
03eromneg r61374 10branches/15.x/tiki-edit_structure.php
[FIX] [bp61355] fix inadvertent sorting of top level wiki pages in the structure edit screen due to recent changes for the toc plugin [17:46] ............... (idle for 1h14mn)03jonnybradley r61375 10trunk/templates/admin/include_webservices.tpl * [FIX] webservices: A few cosmetic improvements [19:08] giesenjoined #tikiwiki [19:21] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [19:25] Tiki-KGB03yonixxx r61376 10trunk/templates/tiki-install.tpl
[ENH] [FIX] Overall improvement of the UI, removing inline style for base classes, proofwording to clarify, avoid confusion and easy translation, changing html entities for utf-8 character removing Parenthesis for rtl language.
03yonixxx r61377 10trunk/lang/he/language.php
[TRA] Hebrew translation improvement (mainly install pages) - performed after get_string to be sure I work on the last strings. [19:26] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [19:32] .............. (idle for 1h7mn)RadoSMoin... I updated the OS underneath a 15.2 tiki, php7 got updated next to mysql 5.7, now tiki can't connect to the DB "Lost Tiki database connection". The DB works and is still accessible via mysql command-line... I guess the php got b0rked somewhere/-how... how to track it back?
Is there some simple way to test DB connectivity by/from tiki? [20:39] Nope, mysql _AGAIN_ biting my ass for local users. :-/ [20:55] Since I stumbled over this again, ... is that known / documented, that mysql by default auth's by "native_socket" while tiki doesn't install its db-access like that?
RadoS ... o O ( and I just didn't notice this _again_? ) [21:08] Tiki-KGB03jyhem r61378 10trunk/lib/ckeditor_tiki/tikistyles.js * Add useful info in source [21:10] .......... (idle for 49mn)luciashRadoS: not sure 15.x is compatible with php7 yet - I did not try with php7 so far [21:59] dj-ameljoined #tikiwiki [22:00] ...... (idle for 27mn)Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [22:27] Smartwebs_joined #tikiwiki
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