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hello [11:59] i have a problem with setting searching in tiki wiki. My company are adding pdf files to tiki wiki, and i want to add search option wia my pdf files... i found poppler-utils and installed it... it works but manually... and now what i need to do to use poppler-utils inside tiki wiki?
i have found file gallery and searching indexing and added there in MIME: application/pdf in System Command: pdftotext %1
but it is not working
anybody can help with setting up pdftotext in tiki? [12:06] ........ (idle for 38mn)anyone online? [12:48] chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki
polom [12:53] jonnybpolom [13:05] Bsfezpolom [13:05] JyhemRobertIT: have you reindexed all documents after installing and configuring pdftotext in tiki? [13:06] Bsfez... it took me 2 hours to set it right ! (if(equals (more-than 604800 (sub (add (date) 0) (add dateDeCrAtion 0))) 1) (str new) (str notnew)) [13:06] jonnybRobertIT: that is possible, you need to change the command it runs to the one you have installed [13:06] Jyhempolom everybody [13:06] jonnybpompom Jyhem anbd Bsfez and all :) [13:07] Bsfez(waving hand) [13:07] JyhemJyhem feels being able to categorise blog posts has been a disastrous idea
blog posts should follow the blo's permissions :-( [13:08] jonnybit's optional isn't it Jyhem? ;) [13:13] RobertITyes i reindexed after set [13:14] Jyhemit is? [13:15] jonnybRobertIT: what happens if you do this in a terminal? pdftotext /path/to/an/existing/file.pdf [13:15] RobertITbut still not working
lemme check
it creating the txt file
from pdf [13:15] jonnybok, sounds promising [13:17] RobertITwith the same name like pdf file [13:17] jonnybi have a feeling pdftotext needs another param to make it return the text to the stdout, not create a file... it might be in the doc page, hang on [13:19] RobertITok [13:20] Jyhemno, definitely not optional :-(
bbl [13:20] jonnybamette and amette__: i see what you mean by the index on doc being borked :(
ok RobertIT - on https://doc.tiki.org/Search+within+files it says use "pstotext %1 or pdftotext %1 -" so i tihnk you need a - char at the end? [13:21] amette__jonnyb : ok.. any ideas what that could be? it's a bit scary.. [13:23] RobertITwell... i try it :)
im adding pdf, btw searching will works for old pdf or for just the new ones added after changes?
0 pages :/
not woeking
is any logs for tiki? maybe it wont see path? where i can find it?
maybe this will help find solution... my pdf files are added to database
not to the folders
and when from icoon menu i click on icon named "rebuild search index" then i have 2 simillar errors "•Tracker Field Factory Error: Pref "trackerfield_starsystem" required for field type "Tracker_Field_Rating""
but if this not a problem for search via attached pdfs then i ignore it for now
btw i have Version 12.11 LTS ^_^
and ubuntu on server
12.04.4 LTS [13:23] jonnybsry, phone [13:42] RobertITnp [13:46] .... (idle for 16mn)jonnybRobertIT: maybe try anabling trackerfield_starsystem - it might be preventing indexing - try logging it and see if your files get indexed?
amette__: it just says "no such index" so i can't see what the problem was - sorry, need to go for a while now, bbl [14:02] amette__right, cya [14:04] RobertIT"anabling trackerfield_starsystem" - means? [14:04] amette__it enables the tracker field of the type starsystem. [14:05] RobertITim main features? [14:05] amette__main features!? hmm, no idea. [14:06] jonnybin the admin/trackers control panel
byeee :) [14:06] RobertITi had enable
but plugin insert tracker item is disable
and tracker attachment preferences is set to database
maybe this one... in trackers settings the checkbox named" currency field" is unchecked [14:08] nope... its not this one :/ [14:22] QMSjoined #tikiwiki [14:28] QMS_joined #tikiwiki
i'm getting a persistent error; indexing failed on processing; had added a new field to a tracker that's when it started. i deleted the filed, but it still persists. [14:31] RobertITQMS_: maybe u know how to add search from pdf in tiki? [14:33] QMS_adding; could not perform indexing modification; too many columns
i don't know how to search from pdf in tiki [14:34] QMSjoined #tikiwiki
accidently logged off; had asked a question about a persistent error; indexing failed while processing with error could not perform index modification; too many columns
had added a new field to a tracker and that's when the error started; deleted the field but the error persists
cleared caches' and rebooted the server; nothing helped [14:39] i can save new/edited records, but get web message this page is not working; error 500
last line in the error message; search index could not be updated
also; in the footer it says no tracker indicated [14:49] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [14:56] nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [14:57] RobertITmaybe i need to assign some module? [14:58] jonnybrepolom [14:58] QMSi've encountered this problem before, and found the permanent filed name was either a duplicate or too long; not the case here [15:04] Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [15:05] RobertIThi jonnyb :)
still nothing with searching :( [15:06] jonnybHi RobertIT [15:06] RobertITi tried reboot server... but wont help aswell
maybe i need add some module?
i have php 5.3 maybe this is the problem? [15:06] QMSi don't know how/where the pdf search feature is
i have tried to rebuild the search index, but it won't complete [15:09] RobertITthis is sad when wanna look at some example and uncle google wont help ^_^ [15:13] jonnybsorry, busy - php 5.3 should be fine, did you manage to get the pdftotext command to output the text to the shell output, rather than a file? [15:15] QMSi tried to run the rebuild index and just get the error and redirect; this page is not working error code 500; had to close the browser altogether
jonnyb; that's a little above my knowledge/ability (shell output) [15:16] RobertITwhat do u mean shell output? the monitor?
i just get a file via pdftotext [15:17] jonnybwhen you do the command in the terminal (sometimes called CLI or shell) you need the command that makes it read out all the text, not just create a file [15:19] QMSeverything was fine before i added the additional field; i deleted the field but the problem persists [15:19] RobertITu mean the cat or less command? [15:20] QMSthe problem is pervasive now through all trackers when editing/adding records [15:20] jonnybRobertIT: no, the pdftotext command
QMS: clear caches?
QMS: although i don't know what your issue is i'm afraid, was replying to RobertIT [15:20] QMSyes, cleared caches [15:23] RobertITi have text inside the file equals to pdf file if u asking about it [15:25] jonnybthe text needs to be returned by the command, tiki can't see it if it's in a file [15:26] RobertITbut how? [15:26] jonnybyou need the manual for the comand - i can't seem to find it
somewhere in the options should be one that make it output to STDOUT (standard output) - that's what you need
it used to be a hyphen after the file name [15:27] RobertITok [15:28] jonnybforinstance, here https://linux.die.net/man/1/pdftotext it says "If text-file is '-', the text is sent to stdout." [15:29] RobertITso i have it.... meh [15:29] jonnybso in the mime thingy on filegallery admin... use pdftotext %1 - [15:30] RobertITi have it....
i changed 2 hrs ago when u show me that ive eat "-" [15:30] QMSin saving records i get the error message; search index could not be updated [15:33] jonnybHi QMS - so can you recap your setup pls? [15:35] Tom_____joined #tikiwiki [15:39] RobertITroot@ubuntu:~# pdftotext /home/tiki/Downloads/test.pdf -
shows me into shell text from pdf [15:39] Tom_____Hi, I was wondering if you can create a whitelist of IP addresses that internal employees can be on in order to see the content of our Tiki Wiki [15:41] jonnybbusy here today ;)
Hi Tom_____ there is a feature that assigns users to groups automatically... hold on
hmm, that only works on people's email addresses, not IP [15:42] QMSrecap; i added a field to a tracker that only has about 6 fields, after i added that field i began to see the error, could not index, i deleted the field but the error persists, and now when creating/editing records in any tracker i get the error
jonnyb; indexing failed while processing, too many columns, search index could not be updated [15:48] jonnybQMS: that's odd - you only have 6 fields and got too many columns? [15:53] Tom_____Ah, so no way to with IP addresses? How would I go about doing it with email addresses? [15:53] QMSjonnyb; i've had this error before and found the field permanent name was either duplicate or too long, not the case this time [15:55] jonnybQMS: so the index rebuild fails, even after you deleted the new field?
Tom_____: it's on the group edit page, somewhere near the bottom, sry, can't find it no
amette__: we need to get the search index working on doc, i haven't got time to do it manually! :) [15:55] amette__jonnyb : I agree, but I don't know what to do. [15:57] QMSjonnyb; yes, rebuild fails, when it does it throws me out to a php error page [15:58] amette__the current index exists on es01.tiki.org [15:58] jonnybis there an error message when you rebuild? [15:58] amette__nope [15:58] jonnybanything in the rebuild log? [15:58] QMSjonnyb; i can't even get that far now; it just loops and i can't get to the log [15:59] amette__nope [15:59] jonnybamette__: so nothing is getting indexed? [16:00] amette__no, I mean: nothing special in there... lots of "addDocument wiki page", etc. and then it ends with "Finished rebuild" [16:00] jonnybQMS: try going to the database and deleting the index_**** tables maybe?
amette__: and if you do: curl http://thetiki.es.server:9200/_alias/?pretty do you see docto_new_main_591b0bfbefd78 in there? [16:00] amette__yes [16:02] jonnyb(curl from the doc server, i mean) [16:02] amette__yes [16:02] jonnybew... [16:02] amette__yes
so... do I need to whip out the debugger again? [16:02] jonnybamette__: did that one maybe get upgraded to ES 5.x somehow?
because i don't think 16.x works on that yet (ever) [16:04] amette__version 2.4.4 [16:05] jonnybsorry, just rememebred i can check that :) [16:05] amette__np :) [16:05] jonnybamette__: "Cluster Status: yellow" doesn't souind great, does it? [16:05] amette__that's because it's only one node, nothing critical, that's why it's not red [16:06] QMSjonnyb; delete the tables or just the content? [16:09] jonnybQMS: hmmm, always scared of suggesting deleting things, back them (everything) up first then delete the tables themselves, then try a rebuild? [16:11] QMSjonnyb; i'll give that a try. my IT guy is very experienced with tiki. [16:14] jonnybQMS: do you really only have 6 fields in total?
cos that "too many columns" error usually happens only when tehre are loads of them [16:14] RobertITwait... maybe tiki dont have enough permissions to get respond with text??? :D
what number to set chmod and on which file to get respond from db to wiki?
and where i have find the log file from tiki wiki after when i attach the pdf file? maybe there i find solution :) [16:16] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r62629 10branches/17.x/lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-jquery.js
[FIX] ajax: Improve the mysterious "0 error" AJAX errors by supplying as much other information as can be gathered (no much, but the URL should help) [16:20] jonnybRobertIT: are you using the filesystem for filegal storage? as i don't think this works if the data is in the database
amette__: when you do a rebuild on doc does the "docto_new_main_591b0bfbefd78" pref change? Maybe clear that out then rebuild? [16:20] amette__alright, I'll test [16:21] jonnybamette__: just guessing... :P [16:22] amette__need to start somewhere ;) [16:22] jonnybyup, it changed [16:26] QMSjonnyb; i was wrong, 15 fields, but i have nearly 100 trackers, and thousands of fields in total [16:26] jonnyband it says "Your index was last fully rebuilt on Wednesday 17 May, 2017 15:23:25 BST."
ok, that's the issue then QMS, sounds like you need to move to using elastic search for that big a tiki, i think [16:26] Tom_____Thanks jonnyb, I haven't added Tiki Wiki to my organization's hosting platform as now, just looking to do research. Can it be restricted so that every user that lands on the domain be prompted to login before accessing the wiki? [16:27] RobertITfilegal storage [16:27] jonnyb(which as you can see is not without it's quirks ;) )
RobertIT: do you mean file system storage? [16:27] amette__hang on... that Tiki hasn't been upgraded in quite a while... I'll svn up before we do anything else. [16:28] jonnybTom_____: yes you can be very precise which groups of users can see which pages, or which categories of pages [16:29] RobertITi have activate the feature and store sets at store in database [16:30] QMSjonnyb; i've researched elastic search but didn't understand the context, will look into it thank you [16:31] jonnybRobertIT: i think you need to have actual files for pdftotext to index (it should tell you that really) [16:31] RobertITok ill check it tomorrow, for now im finishing the work for today, but i have installed it yesterday so i guess its actual.
byeee [16:35] amette__ok, doc.t.o svn upped, index rebuilt, all looking good, still same error on search [16:36] jonnybamette__: what happens if you try to rebuild in the browser? (apart from a timeout probably)... [16:45] amette__let's see [16:45] jonnybalthough the web server (process) must be able to contact ES to get the version info etc...
was just wondering if it might be a perm or firewall issue [16:45] amette__nope, can't be, they are communicating all the time [16:46] jonnybgoing to make tea, that usually helps ;) [16:46] amette__enjoy :) [16:46] jonnybindeed
bwt [16:46] amette__wb :)
index rebuilding here... got distracted in between
Internal Server Error *scratchinghead*
amette__ tests with another browser
ah, no, it's just the max_execution_time that got hit. [17:00] jonnybsort of expected i guess [17:02] amette__yep, lemme test the override settings, never did so far [17:02] jonnyband as you say doc.t.o webserver talks to ES quite happily otherwise [17:03] amette__yep, that's for sure [17:03] jonnybbut it sort of would rule that out
also i can't think of anything else just yet ;) [17:03] amette__ok, rebuilding with 300s exec time
yeah, I'm a bit baffled by this issue [17:04] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r62630 10branches/17.x/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_convene.php
[FIX] convene: Deploy AJAX semaphore service to avoid editing conflicts in the convene plugin. It only happens during the save operation so doesn't lock the page when you start editing but new functions and some refactoring would be required for that. But better than spinning busy indicators and a broken page i think...
03jonnybradley r62631 10(6 files in 6 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/17.x 62616 to 62630
03jonnybradley r62632 10branches/17.x/lib/ckeditor_tiki/tiki-ckeditor.js
[FIX] ajax: Alter the "page being edited" error message for the wysiwyg plugin to be the same as the convene one (also needs refactoring) [17:10] amette__ok, rebuild worked, but error persists [17:24] jonnybamette__: ok, i'll look into the code and see where we need to debug - can you get your remote debugging thing working again? [17:30] amette__jonnyb : ok, I'll have to put some finishing touches to the servers anyway, so I put this on that list [17:31] jonnybactually there may be a coupld of curl things we could try first
might be easier
ok, this is my local version of the requests that probably fails and generates the "no such index" error: http://localhost:9200/tiki17_main_58e8d4ae1da89/_stats?pretty
obviously replace localhost with the ES server, and my index name with the current doc one
hmmm, although may be not... [17:31] Tiki-KGB03yonixxx r62633 10branches/16.x/lang/fr/language.php * Typo. (thanks Chealer) [17:40] ..... (idle for 22mn)jonnybamette__: i meant to switch back to here, re the federated search thing [18:02] amette__right
not sure about dev's index - checking [18:02] jonnybi did a fix a while back because i had the same problem in my local which took ages to work out... i'll see if i can backport the fix to 16... [18:03] amette__dev_to_
instead of tikidevlive
_ [18:03] jonnybhttp://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/62132
ok, that's probably it but let's test that fix - stand by... [18:04] ok amette__ , here it comes... r62634 in 16.x [18:11] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r62634 10branches/ 1016.x/lib/core/Search/Elastic/Index.php 1016.x
[bp/r62132][FIX] search: Warn but carry on if a federated index is missing (plus add a phpdoc) [18:12] jonnybsvn up there and we should see the culprit in the rror message [18:12] amette__ok, done
and rebuilding [18:13] jonnybcoolio, now i get "Federated index themes_live_main not found" [18:13] amette__alright [18:14] jonnybdo you happen to know what it should be? [18:15] amette__themes_to_main [18:15] jonnybi'll change the dev one to dev_to_main [18:15] amette__and actually doc.t.o's index is named wrongly
should be doc_to_main
cool [18:15] jonnybok, dev and themes done
yay woo, we have search back on doc! :) [18:16] amette__w00t! Good job, jonny! :)
And my doorbell rang, friend arriving - perfect timing! ;) [18:17] jonnybsorry it took so long to remember :P
coolio, have fun!
cya [18:18] amette__thanks, same, cya! [18:20] Tiki-KGB03chealer r62635 10branches/17.x/lang/fr/language.php * [FIX] "Active Directory" is a proper noun [18:28] luciashjonnyb: amette: well done, thanks guys! [18:38] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [18:46] Tiki-KGB03chealer r62636 10trunk/vendor_extra/pear/ 10(10 files in 2 dirs)
Replace our customized Net_LDAP2 2.0.10 with a vanilla 2.2.0
This breaks LDAP. Next commit will fix. [18:56] 03chealer r62637 10trunk/vendor_extra/pear/ 10(8 files in 2 dirs)
Fix our Net_LDAP2 integration following r62636 by re-applying part of the delta we had to the upstream version (includes removal)
This also fixes the version number in LDAP2.php (see ticket #21211). [19:02] ...... (idle for 25mn)fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [19:27] Tiki-KGB03yonixxx r62638 10branches/17.x/lang/fr/language.php * Typo [19:38] ...... (idle for 28mn)nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [20:06] ....... (idle for 34mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [20:40] ........ (idle for 37mn)joined #tikiwiki [21:17] ..... (idle for 24mn)Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [21:41] Tiki-KGB03chealer r62639 10branches/17.x/tiki-login.php
[FIX] "Invalid username or password" when ldap extension is missing
Make default error vaguer [21:52] Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [22:03] ...... (idle for 29mn)Tiki-KGB03chealer r62640 10trunk/ 10(86 files in 6 dirs)
popup Smarty function: Fix handling of arguments such as "text" and remove plethora of workarounds [22:32] ....... (idle for 34mn)Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [23:06]
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