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 152  [12:51] j0n3 some improvements on file gallery listing and tracker file field could be nice for creating multimedia player list… maybe as an option on listing items for each file type, instead of downloading files or creating a bit complex and tidy works linking galleries, trackers, templates and that...
 126  [21:32] amette how the fu%# do you infiltrate computers with HTML comments?!?!? http://go.bloomberg.com/multimedia/china-hackers-activity-logged-reveals-multiple-victims-worldwide/
 173  [15:04] <Louis-martin> sylvieg : jquery media? so the multimedia player itself have been replaced?
 302  [22:50] <Trebly> The limit is the database size set to 48Mo, OK for test without multimedia data. After I will set subcriptions to large or huge models for mysql
 848  [22:44] <mlpvolt> hi sylvie, i've been doing some followup to work we did on filegalleries before, i've been testing and documenting ((doc:multimedia))
 856  [23:17] <GillesM> Marc I will think alert after multimedia deletion
 225  [21:26] <GillesM> marclaporte: multimedia feature is an old option I don"t use
 78  [11:08] * marclaporte is trying to figure out the multimedia feature
 407  [18:59] <luciash> hm, but i want it to work in Tiki with multimedia plugin and tracker multimedia type
 432  [19:11] <luciash> sylvieg: what was the old wiki plugin name which showed the multimedia player feature ?
 436  [19:16] <SEWilco2> luciash: OK, minion will send. Will include current dev version of VIDEO plugin in case it's relevant. We haven't puzzled out the multimedia tracker stuff yet.
 357  [11:58] <sylvieg> luciash: you commented this item http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=2096&trackerId=5 does it mean that the multimedia is working for you?
 138  [16:18] <luciash> tiki-admin.php?page=multimedia
 139  [16:18] <luciash> "It works with the File Gallery, wiki pages (via a plugin), and a new multimedia tracker item"
 184  [20:14] <ricks99> exaclty how is it supposed to work with the "multimedia" feature?
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