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ahhhhhh me bad
how are you jonnyb [12:27] jonnybnot bad thank fabricius, for a monday :) [12:28] ...... (idle for 27mn)olinuxxjoined #tikiwiki [12:55] fabriciusoh Monday again jonnyb? [13:04] chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki [13:08] ........ (idle for 36mn)xavipolom
chibaguy? [13:44] jonnybpolom xavi [13:45] chibaguyhi xavi [13:45] jonnyband all :) [13:45] xaviI was wondering if we shouldn't add some bg color to the headings (cols and tables) of plugin pivottable
hi all :-) [13:45] chibaguyand all [13:45] xaviI remember we removed the hardcoded bg colors, which is good
but everytime I see a pivottable since then in Tiki, i miss some bg color to the col headings , etc.
maybe the same one as used int he theme style for module title bg?
or something like that?
so that there is some bg color by default, which is adapted to the current theme style being used? [13:45] chibaguyBootstrap doesn't use background colors for table headings, if I recall correctly. Just bold text, I think.
(just thinking about what could be used) [13:47] xaviimho, same bg color of module titles would do [13:48] chibaguywell, I guess that would be to use the bg color and text color, since modules in some themes (like fivealive) don't have a background color.
Related to that, it looks like all the pivottable cells' content is bold. Should non-header cells have normal font weight?
That's one reason everything looks the same. [13:50] Or maybe a panel heading class could be used, like panel-primary, for background and foreground color. [14:05] Tiki-KGB03chibaguy r60446 10branches/15.x/themes/ 10(34 files in 34 dirs) * [FIX] Fixed path to Glyphicons in some Bootswatch themes. [14:10] chibaguywoot, clean php less compile :-) [14:11] xavifont + bg color: yes, sure
all cells bod: oups, no idea. Mmmm, after checking, I don't get that behavior in my case [14:15] chibaguyOk, I'm trying to configure the table so that I don't have just "Total" cells (which are bold, like the headings).
Heh, I keep getting either header or total cells.
Anyway, I'll work on the heading styles.
I'll be back soon,
. [14:19] jonnybbbl, food time... [14:27] fabriciusbubu [14:41] .... (idle for 19mn)bchauchatjoined #tikiwiki
I just happen to send newsletter frome the wiki demo site (https://tiki.org/Demo). With version 12 it's ok. With versions 15 and 16, the content in plain text is added on top of the received mails [15:00] chibaguybchauchat, I think that is a known bug, already reported but not fixed yet maybe. [15:05] nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [15:09] chibaguyIs pivottable only in trunk so far? [15:13] redfloleft #tikiwiki [15:17] jonnybrepolom [15:20] luciashpom pom [15:22] xavichibaguy: yes, only in trunk so far.
you can get a working instance with data with profile "Bug_Tracker_15" (and apply in tiki trunk)
bbl (walk+the+dog plus food) [15:27] chibaguyOk, thanks. I'm applying the panel-primary background and foreground colors to the headers; you can see how it looks. [15:28] jonnybchibaguy: while you're in this sort or area i've noticed on the tiki sites that the basic/advanced pref switch in fivealive-lite is always blue, does that mean i used the wrong bootstrap variables or that they just didnt get set up in the options for that theme? [15:30] luciashtr class="info" could also work [15:31] chibaguyYeah, I checked with primary in Amelia and it's too strong, I think.
I'll check on that, jonnyb. [15:31] jonnybthanks :) (i will too) [15:32] luciashhttp://getbootstrap.com/css/#tables-contextual-classes
xavi: strange the profile is for 15 and it is only in trunk ;) [15:32] Tiki-KGB03chibaguy r60447 10trunk/themes/ 10(32 files in 31 dirs)
[FIX] Apply theme-specific .panel-info colors to PivotTable headers for more clear table layout. Thanks, Xavi. [15:46] ..... (idle for 21mn)fabriciuspolom [16:07] Jyhempolom [16:08] fabriciusI hav an idea regarding CalDav and Tiki based on the use cases I have Jyhem, jonnyb, xavi
In my mind it would be massively helpful and aswell enough, when Tiki could "subscribe" to CalDav calendars as data source (then the specific calendar not editable fro inside Tiki) and simply display the data based on Tikis permission system (publicly or registered )
For the subscibed respectively connected calendars it then would be possible to add, update or delete the events from any local client via their cnnection th the CalDav server - FOSS like OwnCloud/Nextcloud, Baikal, etc or Cloud like Google
Imho there is no need to make Tiki another CalDav Server.
BUT what I do not find on the market is a nice and maintained PHP based client
THIS would be the gap, Tiki can close
What do you think?
amette ^
aswell [16:09] jonnybsorry fabricius - in a meeting then out, mail to dev list maybe? [16:26] fabriciusalready done, thx [16:28] ..................... (idle for 1h40mn)nelsonko_joined #tikiwiki [18:08] ......... (idle for 40mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [18:48] ......... (idle for 40mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [19:28] bchauchatleft #tikiwiki [19:30] nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [19:43] .......................... (idle for 2h7mn)joined #tikiwiki [21:50] .............. (idle for 1h6mn)Tiki-KGB03sokoloski r60448 10trim/ 10(8 files in 3 dirs)
[ENH] Added preliminary make clone/cloneandupdate modes.
[FIX] File copies for restore mode now use rsync instead of mv (fixes a slew of issues).
[ENH] Moved restore code in to instance lib where it belongs. [22:56] ...... (idle for 25mn)nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [23:21] nelsonko_joined #tikiwiki [23:24] .... (idle for 18mn)Elemeccajoined #tikiwiki [23:42] fabriciusbolow [23:42]
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