WhoWhatWhen fabriciuspolom ... need help or information
when I click on wrenches I should get a popup, but instead I get a page reload and a hash added in the url: tiki-admin_categories.php?parentId=0#
cannot edit category permissions for example
anybody a clue what can cause this?
I have cleared caches and ugraded to Tiki pre-17 trunk [00:13] ............. (idle for 1h4mn)panamausjoined #tikiwiki [01:18] ....... (idle for 32mn)RadoSjoined #tikiwiki [01:50] ............ (idle for 58mn)Tiki-KGB03chealer r60449 10trunk/lib/prefs/forum.php
forum_comments_no_title_prefix: Remove space in "Do not start messages titles with 'Re: '"
There is indeed a space, but it causes the preference label to go on 2 lines with just a quote on the second, since it is not a non-breaking space. [02:48] .................. (idle for 1h26mn)03chibaguy r60450 10branches/16.x/templates/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_quote.tpl
[FIX] The word "quote:" removed for less-cluttered quote plugin styling, as discussed earlier. [04:14] ............ (idle for 58mn)03sokoloski r60451 10trim/ 10(19 files in 5 dirs)
[ENH] Added local instance type.
[FIX] Removed source instance for clone from destination instances array.
[FIX] Added user prompt function which trims whitespace from tab completed values.
[ENH] Numerous cosmetic clean-ups. [05:12] Blatinoxjoined #tikiwiki [05:14] ..... (idle for 24mn)ElemeccaSo... I want to run a Tiki with a URL scheme very different than the default SEFURL patterns. Would completely replacing `route.php` and `tiki-sefurl.php` with my own code in order to achieve that be completely insane, or merely unsupported?
It looks like all of the handling for parsing SEF URLs is in `route.php` (which just fakes the normal non-SEF URLs), and the `filter_out_sefurl` function provided by `tiki-sefurl.php` seems to handle the entirety of SEF URL generation for output, so it is at least a pretty clean interface. I wouldn't need to duplicate any code I wasn't changing.
To be more specific, the most important of the things I want to do differently is switch perspectives based on paths, so i.e. /staff/Page_Name is one perspective and /info/Other_Page_Name is a different one. Basically the same idea as multi-domain, just with paths.
I also want to use date-based URLs for articles and blog posts (like /staff/blogs/astaffer/2016/11/28/a-blog-post), which will require loading Tiki objects to get information that isn't passed to `filter_out_sefurl`. I understand that makes this approach even more unsupported than it already was, and I don't mind probably having to update my code for new major versions.
So really, what I'm asking is whether I've missed something outside `route.php` or `tiki-sefurl.php` that plays an important role in the conversion from normal URLs to SEF URLs and back again. [05:38] .......................................... (idle for 3h25mn)redflojoined #tikiwiki [09:13] ...... (idle for 26mn)Jyhemjoined #tikiwiki [09:39] ......... (idle for 42mn)fabriciusElemecca: Please do have a look in the .htaccess in the Tiki root [10:21] Tiki-KGB03drsassafras r60452 10trunk/ 10(667 files in 22 dirs) * [REF][ENH] Saved about 2MB, SVG compression, PNG -> SVG, GIF -> PNG [10:32] ....... (idle for 31mn)chibaguyjoined #tikiwiki
polom [11:03] RadoSjoined #tikiwiki [11:08] xavijoined #tikiwiki [11:09] RadoSjoined #tikiwiki [11:21] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki
polom pompom [11:23] Caarriejoined #tikiwiki [11:23] jonnybfabricius: did you fix your javascript problem from last night?
could it be this? https://doc.tiki.org/tiki16#Known_Issues [11:23] panamausjoined #tikiwiki [11:28] ..... (idle for 22mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [11:50] olinuxxjoined #tikiwiki [11:58] Tiki-KGB03xavidp r60453 10branches/16.x/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackerlist.php
[DOC] Fix/Explain how to filter by empty/non-empty since some users expected to get the results with filtervalue param, and the syntax is different from the one used in Plugin List. Thanks Marc and Victor/kroky6 [12:00] NoteOnjoined #tikiwiki [12:05] Tiki-KGB03kroky6 r60454 10branches/16.x/ 10lib/userslib.php 10lib/core/Tracker/Field/GroupSelector.php
[FIX] GroupSelector default groups returned by permission to view rather than inclusion or admin logic; by default admins have access to all permissions [12:08] 03kroky6 r60455 10branches/ 1015.x/lib/core/Tracker/Field/GroupSelector.php 1015.x 1015.x/lib/userslib.php
[bp/60454] [FIX] GroupSelector default groups returned by permission to view rather than inclusion or admin logic; by default admins have access to all permissions
03kroky6 r60456 10(6 files in 6 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/16.x 60444 to 60454 [12:14] fabriciusHi jonnyb [12:21] Tiki-KGB03xavidp r60457 10branches/ 1015.x/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackerlist.php 1015.x
[bp/r60453][DOC] Fix/Explain how to filter by empty/non-empty since some users expected to get the results with filtervalue param, and the syntax is different from the one used in Plugin List. Thanks Marc and Victor/kroky6 [12:22] luciashpompom [12:23] fabriciusbowbow [12:26] luciashhi fabricius [12:38] fabriciushi luciash [12:40] luciashfabricius: try check your browser console for js errors [12:42] fabriciusahhh JS UI was still deactvated [12:42] luciashworks now? [12:43] fabriciusrespectively no theme chosen
yes, chose a theme
thx! [12:43] luciashcool [12:43] ............ (idle for 56mn)jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [13:39] ........... (idle for 50mn)nelsonkojoined #tikiwiki [14:29] ....... (idle for 33mn)sAnexehjoined #tikiwiki [15:02] xavipolom
in a brand new install of 15.x, I seem to be unable to just upload a single file. Error message is: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'deleteAfter' at row 1
equivalent task in 16.x and trunk is fine for me.
Anyone else?
using all default values and settings in 15.x with the clean install [15:06] RadoSI have other issues with uploading (indexing problems with file-types other than binary images, like pdf or office docs). [15:09] xavimmm, the issue seems to be with jQuery Upload. Once disabled, everything works as expected [15:10] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [15:17] xavimessage sent to the developers list about the issues with jquery file Upload
I suggest to disable by default in 16.x before releasing 16.0 and 15.3
bbl (briefly) [15:23] Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [15:26] RadoSWhat is the downside of disabling jquery? [15:26] fabriciusHmm. Not having jQuery? [15:30] RadoSRadoS nods.
RadoS assumes jquery has no impact on indexing uploads, so ... doesn't matter much for this case. [15:33] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [15:38] Tiki-KGB03luciash r60458 10users/luci/test.txt * [FIX] typo [15:52] Bsfezhello [16:06] jonnybpolom polom
ho Bsfez [16:10] BsfezOuhouuu !
(trying to find ticket for Rogue One Premiere ! Hey, where is my Jedi sword ?)
:D [16:16] jonnybi think we need to clear up Xavi's file upload blockers, can you reproduce his 15.3 one? (i'm on the unzip one in 16) [16:18] Bsfezone sec
I don't see it here : https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki16 [16:19] jonnybemail to dev list [16:20] BsfezWhen jquery file upload is enabled (and it seems to be enabled by
default in 15.x +), no file is uploaded for me usig latest 15.x, with
this error message:
Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'deleteAfter' at row 1
This one ? [16:21] jonnybyup [16:21] Bsfezokido trying it on 15.3 [16:22] jonnybsounds like a database thing
thanks :) [16:22] sAnexehjoined #tikiwiki [16:24] Bsfez"Use jQuery Upload" is enable, I keep it all by default ?
Mmmm all good here.
15.x freshly Updated, brand new db, all default (jquery upload is on). [16:27] jonnybi think it sounds like a database upload failed, i'll try it here (and backport the unzip fix) [16:33] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r60459 10branches/16.x/lib/core/Services/File/Controller.php * [FIX] filegals: Fix unzip zip files for jquery upload (thanks xavi) [16:34] Bsfezok I'll retest then
(back in 10mn) [16:37] jonnybmy local 15.x just worked fine and that started as a 12.x, maybe older [16:37] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r60460 10branches/ 1015.x/lib/core/Services/File/Controller.php 1015.x * [bp/r60459][FIX] filegals: Fix unzip zip files for jquery upload (thanks xavi)
03jonnybradley r60461 10branches/16.x/lib/prefs/file.php
[FIX] filegals: Remove experimental tag from jquery upload as it's enabled by default (thanks xavi) [16:40] 03jonnybradley r60462 10branches/ 1015.x 1015.x/lib/prefs/file.php
[bp/r60461][FIX] filegals: Remove experimental tag from jquery upload as it's enabled by default (thanks xavi) [16:48] BsfezTested and all working [16:57] Tiki-KGB03sokoloski r60463 10trim/Makefile * [ENH] Added "make clean" target. [16:58] jonnybhmm, just found the delete after bit doesn't work when uploading via jquery upload... but might have to give in on tht one for now [16:58] Bsfez"the delete after bit" ? [17:00] jonnybthe "File can be deleted after" option when uploading a file [17:03] Bsfezoh oh [17:03] jonnybso it is just you and me around for doing these release Bsfez ? maybe we should postpone? or just do 16.0? [17:05] Bsfez... I don't like to postpone, but yeah we are very few. [17:06] jonnyblet's do 16.0 and see how we go? [17:06] Bsfezlet's go [17:06] jonnybsee you on https://tiki.org/live ? [17:07] BsfezI'm there
aoutch Flash alert [17:07] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r60464 10trunk/lib/prefs/file.php 10trunk/lib/core/Services/File/Controller.php 10trunk * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/16.x 60454 to 60461
03jonnybradley r60465 10branches/16.x/ 04db/tiki-secdb_16.0_mysql.sql 10lib/setup/twversion.class.php * [REL] Preparing 16.0 release and removing previous sec db file
03jonnybradley r60466 10branches/16.x/README * [REL] Update README file for 16.0
03jonnybradley r60467 10branches/16.x/lang/ 10(53 files in 53 dirs) * [REL] Update language.php files for 16.0
03jonnybradley r60468 10branches/16.x/changelog.txt * [REL] Update changelog.txt for 16.0
03jonnybradley r60469 10branches/16.x/copyright.txt * [REL] Update copyright.txt for 16.0 [17:10] Blatinoxleft #tikiwiki [17:26] Tiki-KGB03jonnybradley r60470 03branches/16.x/db/tiki-secdb_16.0_mysql.sql * [REL] SecDB for 16.0
03jonnybradley r60471 03tags/16.0 * [REL] Tagging release [17:28] .... (idle for 16mn)03jonnybradley r60472 10branches/16.x/lib/setup/twversion.class.php * [REL] Closing 16.0 release
03jonnybradley r60473 10(59 files in 57 dirs) * [MRG] Automatic merge, branches/16.x 60461 to 60472 [17:44] ............... (idle for 1h14mn)Telesightjoined #tikiwiki [19:00] fabriciusjoined #tikiwiki [19:02] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [19:03] Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [19:10] ..... (idle for 22mn)Tiki-KGB03sokoloski r60474 10trim/ 10(7 files in 3 dirs) * [FIX] Fixed very dangeous PHP back-tick shell execution. [19:32] ....... (idle for 32mn)03yonixxx r60475 10branches/15.x/lib/prefs/global.php * [FIX] Typo [20:04] 03montefuscolo r60476 10branches/16.x/lib/live_support/lslib.php * [FIX] import missing variable $access to file context [20:12] montefuscolojoined #tikiwiki [20:17] Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki [20:21] Tiki-KGB03montefuscolo r60477 10trunk 10trunk/lib/live_support/lslib.php * [FIX] import missing variable $access to file context [20:26] ..... (idle for 23mn)montefuscololeft #tikiwiki
joined #tikiwiki
Hey guys, I saw the mini-chat and live_support features and I think you would like the Rocket.Chat. Rocket.Chat is an open-source chat application very similar to slack.
It provides some integrations through iframe and APIs. [20:49] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [20:54] Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [20:56] .......... (idle for 49mn)joined #tikiwiki [21:45] ........... (idle for 52mn)joined #tikiwiki [22:37] jonnybjoined #tikiwiki [22:45] .... (idle for 15mn)joined #tikiwiki [23:00] ....... (idle for 31mn)Bsfezjoined #tikiwiki [23:31] Jyhempolom [23:39] fabriciuspolom jyhem
how r u Jyhem?
comment ša va? [23:45]
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